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Do you have the Measles?
An Interview with Freshman who are taking AP Classes
Going to a Journalism Conference wasn’t what I Expected
Experiences & Differences, Being in the Distinguished Grizzly Program
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Athletes of The Month: May 2019
Athletes of the Month: April 2019
Godinez Softball Team Strikes Out the Competition
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Here is your Summer Music Playlist
Who has Murder on Their Mind?
BTS is Rewriting History in Pop Music
Marvel’s Pop Culture Impact is Felt among Students
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After 23 years Norma Lomeli, Calls it a Day

Kathleen Te
May 22, 2019

As she sees who is passing by, stops from finishing what she was doing to say warmly, “Hi.” “How...

Staff Spotlight: Noemi Musngi

Mario Campos and Angel Manzo
May 22, 2019

Growing up shy, not knowing where life was gonna take her Noemi Musngi ended up in one of the best schools...

Everybody Has a Story: Fabian Mendoza

Johary Mayorga, Staff Writer
May 16, 2019

Senior Fabian Mendoza dedicated himself to academic success during his four years at Godinez Fundamental...

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