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From left to right clockwise, English teachers Tessa Heaney, Joyce Feuerborn, Jeanne Rodebaugh and Regina Parga, discuss online English strategies during their first 9 a.m. meeting on video chat program, Zoom.

Teachers and Students Shift to Distance Learning Curriculum

April 6, 2020

On Friday, March 13, 2020, Godinez Fundamental High School closed its campus and students are not exp...

Coronavirus has left many stores, like Costco, out of toilet paper and paper towels. Stores are also running out of: meat, milk, water, and other grocery items. This picture was taken March 15, 2020, at Costco in Costa Mesa, off Harbor Boulevard and MacArthur. The line to enter the store went out onto the parking lot, as seen here.

Panic Shopping Across Orange County Leaves Shelves Empty

March 23, 2020

Schools are closed, stores are shutting down, and the American economy as a whole is facing a major cr...

As the coronavirus quickly spreads, Godinez Fundamental High School prepares to close for four weeks.

BREAKING NEWS: SAUSD Schools Close due to Coronavirus Outbreak

March 13, 2020

No sports, no performing arts, and no school for Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) students. S...

A man wears a mask to avoid the coronavirus as thousands visit the Staples Center after Kobe Bryant's death. Picture taken by Cynthia Molina on February 2, 2020 at 1:49 p.m.

As Coronavirus gets closer, Orange County Prepares

March 11, 2020

A man in his 50’s in Placer County is the first person in California to die from COVID-19 better kno...

New Superintendent Draws on his own Life Experiences to Improve District

February 19, 2020

As a young boy, Jerry Almendarez had no goals, Almendarez didn't care about school, and at his lowest...

Retail store, Forever 21, on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles offers 70% off select style clothing for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Forever 21 Went Bankrupt; What Now?

February 13, 2020

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. The clothes you shop for can build that fou...

The map of California shows the “Santa Ana Ingredients” for the winds which include high builds in, jet stream sinking air, and strong offshore winds.

Santa Ana Winds Blow Through California

February 12, 2020

You wake up on a clear morning and realize the air is dry and then your nose starts acting up. As you g...

Newsom signs Wildfire Liability Bill on July 11, 2019

A New Year means New Laws for Californians

February 6, 2020

As we enter a new decade, we start new laws. There are new laws that went into effect Jan. 1, 2020 i...

The boys restroom door is kept open during the school day, not giving boys privacy as seen here. Picture taken on November 6, 2019 at 9:13 a.m. during the middle of 2nd period.

Students Continue to Hold it as Restrooms Stay Locked

January 21, 2020

It’s been a year of restrooms being locked and nothing has changed. Godinez Fundamental High School...

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