Track and Field Races Towards Season Breaking Records


Vanessa Flores

Track and Field athletes, Vanessa Chiprez and Alyssa Ramos finish strong in the last stretch of their race.

Vanessa Flores, Staff Writer

After two seasons of being canceled due to COVID- 19, track and field is back. 

More than half of Godinez Fundamental High School’s (GFHS) track team broke their personal records in multiple events at the mock meet on February 28, against Valley High School. Alyssa Ramos, Jayden Hernandez and Luz Sandoval broke their personal record in many events against Valley.

Coach Aaron Raya, the new head coach for Track and Field, made a major change in training schedules and introduced weight lifting and intense core workouts to the schedule. In addition, Raya is the new offensive coordinator and receiver for the upcoming season of GFHS varsity football.

Coaches Steven Fedele, Jose Penaloza (GFHS alumni) and Sara MacLennan gave a series of workout plans and schedules before season started which contributed to the success of having almost the whole team improve their times in numerous events.

After the end of virtual classes, the competition and trainings started and it was tough for many to get back on track, academically and physically.

“Breaking my mile personal record under six minutes was a good feeling and I am grateful for my teammates and coaches that have been there for me,” said Ramos.

Luz Sandoval who currently holds the school record since her freshman year is in her last season as a senior.

“I stay consistent in my training and stay focused when it comes to stepping into the starting line and this is just nothing that holds me back from pushing harder,” said Sandoval.

Senior, Vanessa Chiprez, works out hard just like she does academically. Her hard work, leadership and sportsmanship at GFHS has gotten her very far and the team congratulated her for her acceptance into Stanford University. She is one of the top runners in cross country as well as in distance for Track and Field. 

Jayden Hernandez is currently a sophomore who has been breaking personal records since his freshman year and is starting off this season stronger than ever as he is one of the top runners for all distance events.

“It feels good knowing that so early in the season, I’ve managed to break personal records for the 800 meter and 3200 meter events, which makes me think how much more I could lower these personal records with the amount of time there is for training and races,” said Hernandez.

There are definitely some challenges that lie ahead for the Track and Field team but there is no doubt that the teams’ dedication towards working for their goals will result in many more personal and school records.

The next track and field meet takes place Thursday, March 31, at Ocean View High School.