The Pro

Anthony Olarra, Reporter

Many students who believe the policy is good, view it as a safety net. Some students are bombarded by work and see the 50% as a placeholder grade before they are able to turn things in on time. 

For junior Ruby Ramirez, she sees it as an insurance policy.

“The 50% is like my insurance. I always turn in my work but in case I forgot something, I’m able to just turn it in or leave it as a 50%,” said Ramirez.

The grade change also benefits those who have been sent home due to exposure of the coronavirus and now have to quarantine for 10 days. 

Students who are sent homes will now have a chance to make up this late work or at the very least keep that 50%.

Senior Angel Nieto who was sent home in early December appreciated the grade bump.  

“I have some missing assignments but with the 50%, I’m able to at least catch up and turn in the late work,” said Nieto.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons because even the high-achieving kids can at least get 50% for the work they didn’t turn in. 

I believe that this policy does work because it takes the pressure off many student’s backs.

It does help unmotivated students in an unfair way but students who actually do the work know that they did the work. They know the fact that they earned their grade because with or without the policy change they did everything in their power to learn.