Homework and Tardy Cards Add More Stress


Gemma Rodriguez

A picture of how both the homework card and tardy card at Godinez looks like. Photo taken on December 6th, 2021 in English teacher, Lori Polydoros’s room.

Gemma Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Surprise, shock, and worry are faces that many students had when Assistant Principal, Felipe Zamudio, announced the return of tardy and homework cards. There is no better way to be a good student than to get here on time, avoid hanging out during passing periods, and do all your homework to avoid any of these cards or there will be consequences. 

Being late or not turning in homework is normal, but if not dealt with, it can bring consequences: a meeting with your parents and Principal Jesse Church, after school detention, loss of privileges, and the list goes on.

Sometimes homework can be stressful and not only stress you out but also affect your mental health.

Being tardy can also be a little hard if you have any little siblings that you need to take to school. But being late to class for talking with your friends in the halls can be fixed easily. You just avoid making conversations with friends in the halls. 

For junior Max Pacheco, it can be a little hard to keep up with homework.

“It’s a bit stressful to keep up with all my homework because of football practice,” said Pacheco.

As for myself, keeping up with my homework is also hard. After school, I get home and I do all my homework because I worry if I don’t do it, I know I will get a homework card.

Senior Monica Torres also stresses about the cards.

“It’s very important for me to do all my homework because I want to have good grades and get into a good college without being behind in all my classes, however, it’s stressful to keep up with all of it at the same time,” said Torres.

Being late for the need to use the restroom should not be a problem because usually only the restrooms near the cafeteria are open during passing periods. Many students have been late several times because of how much they have had to wait to use the bathroom causing them to get tardy cards. 

Sophomore Andres Rodriguez thinks they should not wait to use the restroom and should open up the rest of the bathrooms during passing periods.

“Having to walk further to find a restroom that’s open should not be a thing. The line that is created makes us be late,” said Rodriguez.

Tardy and homework cards should be removed. Both cards are causing additional and unnecessary stress to the students.

Now excuse me, while I go do my homework. I take those cards seriously.