Play Bingo with your Favorite Christmas Movie


Photo Courtesy of Antonio Heras

Here is the Bingo card of cheesy Christmas phrases.

Antonio Heras and Alejandra Larios

Every holiday season comes with the excitement of watching cheesy Christmas movies with family and friends. As a newsroom, we decided to make a fun bingo game that you can play while watching those movies because with many Christmas movies the same things happen.

The bingo card that we created is a 5×5 card with common phrases or objects we see in Christmas movies. Before hitting play, fill out your bingo card with a pen using the categories provided for you. Next, select a movie. We recommend the Hallmark channel because of their Countdown to Christmas, but many channels work including Netflix or Lifetime. As you watch the movie and play, cross off the boxes as they appear.

We did a test run in the newsroom on Nov. 10 to see how common the tropes are and how enjoyable it is playing. We watched a new movie on Netflix called “Christmas Wedding Planner.”

After we finished watching the movie, we asked some of our fellow journalists and broadcasters what their thoughts were of playing the game and their favorite moments.

Staff writer Kimberly Castro said, “It was interesting. I have played other games before but not this type of bingo.”

Castro added, “The class was engaged and it was fun since the class would just yell out the bingo choices.” 

Likewise, staff writer Pablo Flores enjoyed, “looking for the words and the movie that we watched.”

Although some of our newsroom members enjoyed the game, broadcaster Aisa Chavez said, “It was hard to keep up with the different things on the list.”

However, she said, “I would definitely play with friends and family.”

Some movies that Castro recommends are ”Home Alone,” “Elf,” or “The Grinch.” 

We hope that you play this bingo game with family and friends. Happy Holidays and here is the pdf version to download below: