Last Minute Tips to Successfully Submit Your College Applications


Wendy Rodriguez

From left to right, seniors Aleah McClure, Kayley Frias-Ceballos, and Allison Elizalde work on the UC and Cal State applications during their third period AVID class.

Wendy Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief

As the November 30 deadline to apply for most colleges rapidly approaches, seniors are hard at work filling out their future. 

Counselors including Jimmy Bravo, the higher education coordinator for Godinez Fundamental High School (GFHS), are actively working with seniors to help them submit their applications.

Bravo and the entire counseling team make themselves available the entire school day with the exception of training days. But, other than that, students can ask for help before school, during both lunches, and after school.

College Late Nights are another way to get help and have been occurring every Wednesday or Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Currently, there are two more late nights: Weds., Nov. 10 and Thurs., Nov. 18. 

If that doesn’t work for students, they are able to set up an appointment with their counselor or any trusted staff member on campus depending on availability. 

Senior Amanda Esparza has taken advantage of the help. She has attended late nights primarily for her financial aid application. 

“With the help of Bravo and other staff, I was able to complete my FAFSA,” said Esparza. 

Esparza plans to apply to a mix of Cal States and UC’s as well as Santa Ana College. 

Senior Danielle Cifuentes has completed her UC and Cal State applications but has not submitted it yet. 

The most difficult part of applying for Cifuentes was the writing portion. 

Writing the essays and coming up with ideas that best showed me as a person was challenging, but I had my parents and English teacher, Monique Statler, to help,” said Cifuentes.  

We know this time is stressful for seniors so here are a few last minute tips provided by Bravo to avoid getting burned out: 

Give yourself plenty of time.

Applications require a lot of dedication to complete so give yourself extra time. If you need counselor/teacher recommendations, make sure to give them time as well. 

Double check your work.

It is crucial that you have someone check your work for accuracy before submitting it. You can have your counselor or Bravo review your application beforehand. 

Have a plan. 

Even if you think of going straight into the workforce or military, at the very least submit a community college application. Santa Ana College is in the Higher Ed Center every Monday. Community colleges are taking applications all the way through the spring, but deadlines do vary.

Work on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

As soon as you’re done with college applications, it is imperative that you start working on the FAFSA.

Bravo said, “You can miss out on some serious money by not applying and earlier is always better, but you still have to be accurate.”  

Seniors, there is help available so don’t wait until the last minute. Attend a College Late Night or come by the Higher Ed Center during your lunch, dismissal period, or after school. Submit those applications before their deadlines. 

Good luck Grizzlies!