Everybody Has a Story: Ariana Farias

Junior, Ariana Farias smiles outside the grassy area near building one on October 7th, 2021.

Courtesy of Johanna Canal

Junior, Ariana Farias smiles outside the grassy area near building one on October 7th, 2021.

Johanna Canal, Staff Writer

For the Everybody Has a Story Spotlight, this month we decided to interview junior, Ariana Farias, who made history as the first female player on the Godinez Fundamental High School (GFHS) varsity football team. 

What started your interest in football?

I was the only girl growing up and football was the only thing we played and watched.  I’ve always wanted to play it because of this, but I was never able to find any girls team.  When I looked at the CIF website and found out I was able to join the football team, I e-mailed Coach Aron Kaye.  He immediately welcomed me to the team.  

What were your family’s thoughts on trying out?

My family was supportive.  At first, my mom was a little skeptical, especially because I was going to be the only girl.  She then became really supportive. My mom was the one taking me to get my gear for football. 

Why did you decide to try out for football?

Football was something I always wanted to play.  I thought about it growing up and when I saw the opportunity I took it. 

What obstacles have you faced?

The biggest obstacle was getting in shape for the season.  After having surgery in November 2020 because there was a tumor in my tailbone, I rested for two to three months and missed tryouts in December.  I stopped working out and rested a lot. 

How do you manage academics, life, and sports?

It was a little hard at first.  I wouldn’t get home till 7 p.m., then I’d eat and shower and wouldn’t be done till 10 p.m., when I was able to start my homework.  It took a little getting used to, and now I am finally able to manage.  

What other activities do you do besides football?

I paint in my free time.  I like to go on Instagram and take my own spin on other people’s paintings.   

Can you describe what it’s like being the only girl on the team?

It was a little scary at first.  When I joined, the team welcomed me with open arms.  Everyone on the team was nice and they were all helping me.  They would push me in practice when it was tough for me to finish.  We all stick with each other.  

Are you limited when playing? 

No, I get treated equally.  That’s what I like about the team. No one treats me differently. 

What was your reaction when you found out you had made the team?

I screamed and jumped a lot.  I was at my best friend’s house when I got the e-mail and I was very excited.  It felt like my dream finally came true.  

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Honestly, it was the best decision I ever made.  I was really down before I joined because of quarantine.  I am a people person and needed that interaction.  When I joined the football team, there was a sense of community that I loved and made me better.