The Dance Team Continues with Tryouts


Photo Courtesy of Laura Sotelo

Part of the 2020-21 dance team at GFHS pictured above.

Jatziry Carreon, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many of our academic and extracurricular activities on hold, dance is one of them. 

Since the closure of school last year, the Godinez Fundamental High School (GFHS) dance team has not been able to interact nor dance with their teammates. 

Many dancers are unmotivated to continue dancing because it is definitely not the same as dancing with others and feeling the loud music in the black box at school. 

However, on May 20th, 2021, seniors on the dance team met for the first time this school year for a rehearsal. 

With quarantine, it has been difficult for Coach Laura Sotelo to teach dance because of how the pandemic has affected her enthusiasm. Even through all the chaos of this year, she continues to teach her class health and wellness by giving students guided meditations to help with their breathing and nervous system. 

“Dancing brings me joy. I love smiling and feeling joyful and dance is a means of doing that for myself. Staying connected with my mind and body is a weapon against this pandemic,” said Sotelo.

The dancers feel the same way about feeling unmotivated and not being able to interact with others while dancing. 

Senior, Janely Perez, who was on Advanced Dance her junior year and is now on GFHS’ dance team her senior year has relied on dance to unwind.

“Dancing has helped me get through this pandemic as a distraction from reality. It kept me motivated and entertained,” said Perez.

Perez feels sad because it is her last year in high school and she didn’t get to experience all that senior year has to offer.

She stressed, “after looking forward to it (senior year)” as an underclassmen.

Perez is getting ready to graduate and plans to attend UC Riverside. She is considering if she wants to keep dancing, but thinks she’ll give it a try. 

Junior Allison Elizalde, who has been on the dance team since her sophomore year, found that finding motivation during the pandemic has been the hardest. 

As circumstances change and things get back to a more “normal,” Elizalde decided to audition for next year’s dance team.

After a grueling tryout, it was announced on May 16, 2021, that Elizalde made the 2021-2021 Dance Team.

As results were announced Elizalde expressed, “It was a really bittersweet feeling because I didn’t want it to be my last year auditioning, but I’m also really happy I was given the experience to be on the team once again.”

When asked what her plans or goals were for this upcoming year Elizalde added,  “I plan on continuing with my best effort and finishing strong as a senior. Hopefully (I’ll) leave an impact on the underclassmen.