Zoom is not Helping Students’ Stress Levels


Erik Pineda

Opinions writer, Erik Pineda, stresses over his screen as he tries to put final edits on another article for the Grizzly Gazette.

Alicia Jimenez and Erik Pineda

Many people suffer from stress, whether it’s from school or personal things in their life and if it continues, it can affect your life immensely. Zoom classes are not helping this year.

Stress is a normal part of life but if not dealt with, it can be damaging. Over time, stress could strain not only your body but also your mental health. 

Some of these stress moments can lead to serious health problems including: high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and anxiety attacks.

The pandemic has not made it easier.

With the pandemic, a whole different form of technology was introduced. We had to learn how to communicate with others in a whole different way called Zoom. Zoom is a useful way to communicate and can protect yourself and others from the pandemic. 

Because many have had to log in to our classes online, it brought forth Zoom fatigue. Even though it’s not a formal diagnosis, it is still a very real thing many have to forcibly go through. 

Some potential signs to look out for are: forgetting stuff, having a hard time concentrating, eye strain/irritation, daydreaming during Zoom, headaches/migraines, and feeling sweaty on zoom calls.

It is different because your brain has to work harder such as trying to read facial expressions and understand the speaker’s tone through the computer. You’re expected to be on your best behavior even from home and that doesn’t feel normal.

Since my mom and dad have to go to work I’m responsible to take care of my siblings during the school day. This is very frustrating as they do tend to get out of control.

My little brother is also on Zoom school, so I have to be vigilant and check on him throughout the day. After Zoom school is done, I am responsible to help him with his homework, while also doing my own homework. This has been a huge amount of stress to the point where I am awake till 3:00 a.m. in order to get some peace and quiet.

And while we hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel, if you are someone struggling with Zoom Fatigue, feel free to take a break. Turn off your video if you need help to focus more and decrease your stress at the same time. 

For sophomore, Melanie Rodriguez, is stressed with her daily Zoom classes.

“It’s difficult to stay focused and motivated learning from a screen and overall, it’s boring but I still manage to finish all my classes,” said Rodriguez.

Take advantage of the things you have control of and try your hardest to have self care time for yourself.

Exercise not only helps you improve your body but makes you feel more confident in yourself. But, if that is not your preference, there are many other ways to relieve yourself from stress that don’t require you to be physically active. 

Writing things about what you’re worried about or what you’re dealing with at the moment helps stress levels. 

Spending time with friends and family whether it’s physical activity or not, helps with coping against loneliness and helps you take your mind off things that stress you out. 

All of this can and will help you with dealing with anything stressful or problematic in your life.