We Need a New Justice System


Anadolu Agency/The Guardian

A George Floyd memorial at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis.

Ryan Collins, Staff Writer

With the death of George Floyd and several other individuals, many believe that it is time for a change in our unjust justice system.

There is an unjust justice system all around the world, especially in the smaller cities that don’t get that much recognition from the media such as Huntington Beach and Orange County as a whole.

This is  a big deal since the unjust justice system is in more cities and states than you think, considering hate crimes and horrific events that happen. All you have to do is open your eyes and witness these events happening to understand this analogy.

My mother can’t handle the burden of sending me out into a place like Santa Ana (my home) since it is like many other cities and states that experience hate crimes at an alarming rate.

“I feel worried every time I send my son (me) out in Santa Ana because you never know what can happen and there are a lot of bad people in this world who could possibly inflict harm due to the color of his skin,” said my mom, Victoria Collins.

As a Black male, my mother worries I can be the victim of another hate crime in a smaller city and it that won’t get the publicity and recognition it deserves.

On top of hate crimes happening in smaller areas around Orange County (OC), many cities in OC,  have unjust justice systems that higher-up people are working to fix.

“You’re seeing cities finally acknowledge that yes, racism is a thing in Orange County,” said Los Angeles Times columnist Gustavo Arellano in a recent opinion column that he writes for the LA Times.

The city of Orange County is looking to create a way to acknowledge racism in America with the creation of a hate crime report portal.

This is a small step in the right direction for our justice system in America and I believe more and more states and cities should try to adopt things like this.

The conviction of George Floyd’s killer, former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin, is another step in making sure that a knee on a person’s neck is never used again when trying to make an arrest.

“With cities like Orange County and Irvine beginning to make changes in their justice system, other cities and states are beginning to change their unjust justice systems in order to make a change in this world filled with hate crimes,” said a GFHS individual who wants to remain anonymous.

With a world of change, the unjust justice system is beginning to change with it and all we can do is celebrate and rejoice with the several families of the many victims we’ve lost throughout the past years.