Teachers and Staff Retire from Godinez

Teachers retiring, Lisa Treen (Top left), Helen Seigel (middle),  Alma Moraga (Top right) , Corey Wolfe (bottom left) and Raquel Serafin (bottom right)

Photo Courtesy of Ebony Garcia

Teachers retiring, Lisa Treen (Top left), Helen Seigel (middle), Alma Moraga (Top right) , Corey Wolfe (bottom left) and Raquel Serafin (bottom right)

Juan Velez and Ebony Garcia

As our 2020 – 2021 school year comes to an end, many teachers and staff will be saying their goodbyes to their profession and to their students. As crazy as the year 2020 was, some staff feel that it is best to retire now and spend the time with their families, travel or even continue to work on what they are passionate about. 

Helen Seigel taking a ride down the quad as she’s officially retired. (Photo Courtesy of Jesse Church)

The first teacher retiring is art teacher, Helen Seigel, who has taught for 41 years and spent the last 14 years at Godinez Fundamental High School.

Prior to coming to Godinez, Seigel led the SAUSD Artists-in-Schools Program for 29 years. In 1979, when she was a grad student at UCI working on her Masters of Fine Arts, a group of five grad students received a grant from the California Art Council and that was when art became her passion.

Seigel traveled to SAUSD elementary schools where she provided training to teachers by teaching in their classrooms and even wrote curriculum for all elementary schools in SAUSD. Seigel also led “Special Studio,” an intensive studio art program for selected students in four schools each year. 

When Seigel marked her 27th year of teaching, she was offered a job at the newly opened Godinez Fundamental High School. 

“Everything!” Seigel said when she was asked if there was anything that she loved about Godinez. 

She believes that high school is a dynamic time for a person’s development and that she loves being there as her students grow and discover themselves.

Asked what part of retiring is the hardest, Seigel responded, “leaving, I’ll really miss the interaction with everyone.”

It is the small things she said she will miss such as the community of students who ate lunch in her classroom everyday and the stress of advanced placement art classes. 

Seigel plans to give herself an opportunity to become a full time artist and states that as much as she loves to teach and help the community, it is her turn to make art full time which she has never done before. 

Treen poses for a selfie in front of a Godinez Athletics background. (Photo Courtesy of Lisa Treen)

The second staff member retiring is GFHS’s Physical Education teacher and current Athletic Director, Lisa Treen, who has been a faculty member for 37 years now and has spent the last 15 years at Godinez Fundamental High School.

Treen began her career at Lathrop Intermediate (1983-1993) then moved to Century High School (1993 – 2006) then finally Godinez (2006 – present). Treen says that she wanted to pursue this career path as she loved both her high school and college sport experiences and wanted to instill other students with the same passion that she has. 

Something Treen found memorable about Godinez was the core philosophy and the focus on character and academic development.  Treen believes it is important to focus on character and academic development as it is such an important and vital focus to help students become successful and productive members of our world.

Treen said that she will miss talking to students and staff once she has fully retired. She believes that the hardest part of retiring is facing the unknown and is still wrapping her head around not having to do her daily tasks that have become intrinsic to her life. As well as missing her student-athletes and not working with her athletic staff. 

After retirement, Treen looks forward to relaxing and focusing on fitness and health as well as spending time with family and friends. Even doing some volunteer work to help others and her community.

Raquel Serafin joyful as her retirement comes closer and closer. (Joyce Feuerborn)

Raquel Serafin, the office manager, will be retiring at the end of this school year. 

Serafin has been at Godinez for 12 years and had previously worked at: Villa Intermediate, Roosevelt Elementary, Lathrop Intermediate, Santa Ana High School, and Diamond Elementary. Serafin chose this career since she loves to work with the public and students. She said that the most memorable thing about Godinez had to be the staff and the students.

Unlike previous retiring staff, Serafin finds nothing difficult about retiring and is excited for what the future holds for her and the rest of the retiring staff.

After retirement, she plans to find new hobbies, travel and spend time with family.

Corey Wolfe in his car during the drive through retirement. (Photo Courtesy of Jesse Church)

Corey Wolfe who has been a Computer Technician for Godiez but as well has decided to follow into retirement along with different peers.

Wolfe is a computer technician and has worked at Godinez for 13 years. Prior to coming to Godinez, he worked at: Diamond Elementary, Monroe Elementary, Sierra Intermediate, and Washington Elementary. 

The most memorable thing about Godinez he says was the staff and the students. “I am going to miss the people, It’s like a second Family” said Wolfe 

Wolfe purchased a home in Arizona and moved to Arizona last summer 2020 but decided to work one more year at Godinez before joining his family permanently in Arizona. For the past year, he has stayed in Orange County during the week and returns to Arizona every weekend to be with his family.

He said he’ll enjoy spending time with his family and working on his new home in his new state.

From left to right, Alma Moraga and athletic office manager, Shelley Hernandez, at the boys soccer game against JSerra High School. Photo Courtesy of Lisa Treen.

Staff member Alma Moraga has decided that it is time for her to go into retirement after working at Godinez since right after it opened in 2007.

For Moraga, it’s tough to leave after working at a job that she loves.

“This has been my home,” said Moraga.

Moraga has been the athletic equipment attendant for athletes and coaches and will be missed by the entire athletic department and athletes she so lovingly cared for throughout the multiple sports seasons. There are many things she is going to miss about her second home.

“The games especially when we went to CIF in various sports. I’m also always going to remember
the staff and how we work together as a team,” added Moraga.

In her interview, she stressed how much she want to thank Treen and athletic office manager, Shelley Hernandez, for all their support and keeping the athletic department running smoothly. And added a special thank you to principal Jesse Church.

Soon-to-be retired registrar, Armando Sologuren, in his workspace at this home. (Courtesy of Armando Sologuren)

“For being an awesome principal,” said Moraga.

She plans to spend more time with her family, her grandson, and helping her elderly parents. For her other plans? Maybe picking up a hobby or two with all her newfound time.

And, lastly, Armando Sologuren has also decided to follow over 200 staff members across Santa Ana Unified School District into retirement. 

Sologuren is a registrar at our Pupil Support Services in the front office. He had decided to follow this career path to help the community. He cherishes the memories that he has made while at Godinez and believes that the hardest part of retiring is not coming to work. 

He personally wants to thank all of the Godinez staff for opening their arms to him and principal, Jesse Church who helped him during difficult times. 

As Sologuren reaches the end of his time at Godinez, he plans to spend more time with his friends and family and to have a good time together. 

On behalf of Grizzly staff and students, we’d like to thank: Seigel, Treen, Sologuren, Serafin, Wolfe, and Moraga for their hard work and dedication to help students through one of the most critical parts of students’ lives. 

We wish our newly retired staff, happiness and joy, for the next chapter of their lives.