Disney Comes to Godinez


Screenshot taken by Elizabeth Perez

From left clockwise, Sophia Carranza, Alexia (Lex) Verdayes,, Sofia Barrows, Andrea Haro and Montserrat Rodriguez. Lex is performing “I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)” as Meg and the other four as the goddesses from the animated film “Hercules.”

Elizabeth Perez, Staff Writer

Having to compose a musical online is no easy task but that did not stop the performers from working around those difficulties. The Musical Theater class at Godinez Fundamental High School (GFHS) is filled with many talented singers and performers up for the challenge of putting on an online show. 

GFHS just had their most recent musical, “Disney Magic” performed virtually. Directed by Jeanette McMahon, the show was composed of clips from her Musical Theatre class. It was shown on May 4 and was a one night performance. 

Senior Anabel Robles who was part of the musical shared the difficulties she had to face filming her parts.

“It was really difficult at first because I had no idea how we were going to do everything. I also live in a house with several people so it’s hard to have quiet (to film),” said Robles.

With this new online learning, people have had to accommodate their living spaces as their work spaces. This can be a real challenge for those with multiple household members, no personal space, and no quiet space, similar to what Robles had to endure. 

Behind the scenes, performers also had problems of setting up the right camera angles, lighting, and syncing up the recording with their video clips. 

For the right camera angles, each performer had to have some form of camera set up, whether that was a tripod or a stack of books. 

With the recordings, it was a challenge being able to get the clips right and make sure everything was synced. This issue was common to many performers, including Melissa Menenes, a sophomore who was part of the “Mother Knows Best (Reprise)” song with Sofia Barrows.

“I became very self critical and would constantly re-record, so finding a good recording was sort of difficult,” said Menenes. 

To achieve this, Menenes said that there were multiple get-togethers with performers who discussed details and recordings. The get-togethers took place every morning during the production of the musical. Difficulties like these were all new to most of the performers. But despite these new challenges, each performer did a remarkable job with the choreography, lip syncing, and voice recordings. 

During these get-togethers, there were many moments of laughter and joy. Not simply from creating recordings together but being together in person. 

The musical was another success for the Musical Theater class with 445 people who registered to watch the performance.

So in case you missed it, remember to register to watch the next musical coming up this summer.

The next musical is “Moana” and auditions start on June 5 for 3rd to 8th grade Santa Ana Unified School District students at the Godinez Performing Arts Center.