What Are Our Grizzlies Doing Now?


Photo Courtesy of Ana Rodriguez via Instagram

From left GFHS Alumni, Ana Rodriguez, and her brother Jesus Rodriguez on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

Luis Sanchez, Staff Writer

What do you think you would be doing after high school? Well, some Grizzlies have that figured out. This is what some of the alumni or graduated students, from Godinez Fundamental School have been up to now.

Many people have been working and doing so many interesting things after graduating high school. Most graduates that we spoke with have been working at a job, some have continued studying abroad or at their ideal college and others have been doing things to give back to their community. Most of these thing are what some of our alumni students have been doing after graduating from GFHS.

Ana Rodriguez, class of 2011, recently graduated from Georgetown University and is currently living in New York City. As relayed to the Gazette in a phone interview, Rodriguez wanted the “New York” experience of living in the big city. She is currently working for Goldman Sachs as an analyst in the Financial District.

Another of GFHS past students Jonathan Trejo who graduated GFHS class of 2015 works at the Doghouse Restaurant trying to save up enough money to not only support his family but also have enough to go to community college and later transfer. While he was in high school he did not expect to be where he is now and is very surprised with where he is now. Trejo said, “ I thought that everything would fall into place as long as I got good grades and passed my classes, I did not expect to have to be saving up so much money just to get into college,  you know?”

Sam’s brother who graduated from GFHS five years ago is a graduate from Whittier College with a bachelor’s in biology and Spanish. He is currently attending Orange Coast College retaking a class necessary for medical school. He plans to do a certification program that is offered for medicine. When asked if he ever believed that he would be where he is now, he answered, “Absolutely, but I thought if we got a degree we right away went to work.”

There are many different people who have chosen to have a different life than they expected after high school. Some have went on to continue studying in their preferred college or one that they might not have wanted to attend or some have just moved on to work and save their money for a better future. 

Both stories from former alumni show the road is not always a straight line.