Journalism Takes on a New Header


Jaylene Garcia

The winner of the header contest (pictured above), senior, Berli Fernandez. She won a Starbucks gift card along with a certificate of appreciation. Photo taken May 17, 2021.

Jaylene Garcia, Staff Writer

For every business, newspaper, or magazine, they have a logo that represents their community, themselves, or what they stand for. Our school newspaper represents us as Grizzlies. 

On April 26, 2021, the Grizzly Gazette, updated their header to brand new original one created by one of our own Grizzlies Berli Fernandez.

Media design teacher, Rudolf Strukoff, and his class helped with the process as their students designed several headers for the journalism class to narrow down from 7 to 1. The vote for the new header consisted of two rounds of votes. The first round, narrowed the vote from 7 t0 3, and the final vote narrowed it down to 1 out of the top 3.

Adviser, Joyce Feuerborn, was the mastermind behind the idea of designing the original header five years ago. But Feuerborn didn’t know where to start because she only knew one designer, her brother, Christopher McLaughlin, a creative director in advertising living in Chicago. 

So in August 2016, she asked him to design it, for free, and the newsroom has used it ever since.

The old header as shown. (Designed by Christopher McLaughlin)

But, “Once I learned that Strukoff had a media design class, I was like, now we can get it student designed,” said Feuerborn. 

A header is not just a header with words, but behind it comes meaning, purpose, and a representation for all people behind the scenes. 

“In the context of the Grizzly Gazette, to me, the bear claw represents the marks that our students leave here at Godinez and the newsletter contains the stories of the marks students leave on our campus,” said Strukoff.

Senior, Berlini Fernandez, “Berli” for short, was the student who designed the new header in just 30 minutes. Using freshman, Omar Meza’s, bear claw design, Fernandez added Meza’s claw, then went looking for an ideal font.

“Honestly, when I was thinking of the font, I just liked the way that font looked. I felt like it looked a bit more professional and unique,” said Fernandez.

For Wendy Rodriguez, editor-in-chief, it means a new change.

The new header that is currently showcased at the top of our school news website. (Designed by Berli Fernandez)

“It represents the voice of the entire student body because without a school news site, then there would be no news. And, I think it really shows the grit and tenacity that comes with running a student newsroom in the middle of a pandemic,” said Rodriguez. 

When considering a new header, it’s not just about different looks, shapes, or designs. It is about representation. It is for the students, faculty, and administration that make Godinez what it is, what it stands for. 

“So, I believe the bear claw is the Grizzly “handprint” and your stories are what you leave behind,” added Strukoff. 

Whether it was pushing yourself day to day or the great support staff we have at Godinez, every single Grizzly leaves their handprint on that bear claw.