Senior Exit Interviews Should Remain a Choice

Rachell Garcia-Noyola

Graciela Ramirez, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again where Godinez Fundamental High School (GFHS) has senior exit portfolio interviews where they have the opportunity to showcase their hard work the past four years. 

Unfortunately or fortunately, seniors spent an entire year online, however, with interviews students were given a chance to make it optional. I was surprised when I first heard of this because it has never been a decision to make. 

Since my freshman year, it was a requirement to update my portfolio because it would be a part of your grade senior year. It always seemed like a big deal.

Now that it is a choice to do it, it seems like foul play. For the longest time, year after year, it felt like a natural tradition in the Godinez community only to be cut short. But, at least we can take home a free hoodie. 

Though the COVID-19 pandemic may be at fault here, it has constantly struck me why students need to be practically forced to do the senior interview; the intentions were pure: to give students an insight to reflect back to their years at Godinez and achievements while gaining experience for more interviews that will happen later in life. 

It all sounds great but I call it cheap. Seniors are dealing with too much stress from upcoming finals, grades, probable jobs, life after high school, and colleges; why do we need to be pressured even more? 

Others will disagree, the experience is fun and gives students a great lasting memory in their high school journey plus, they get free merch. 

In a poll consisting of 61 Godinez seniors, the majority being 72% agreed to attend the student interview.

In a recent poll I conducted, most agreed to follow through with the interview if they received what they were promised: Grizzly gear, which is a good proposal, leaving Godinez with a good memory, gaining experience, or not having to take a final. No final comes across as a bribe. 

Nevertheless, the minority of students at 28%, declined the interview due to timing, stress, and other issues which is understandable. It’s just poor timing with everything coming so close to the end of the year and having most of these seniors making life choices, personally.

I find it more comforting if doing senior interviews was always a choice. I can see if that were the case students would slack off on their portfolios, but looking at the graph most students seem interested. 

I do believe senior interviews are a wonderful way to look back and gain experience. I have no problem having our portfolios being part of my grade since it helps us stay concentrated on our studies while letting our teacher know how we perceive our work over the last four years. 

Where I do have a problem is when students have to do the senior interview. First off, no one likes being told what to do especially teenagers. And secondly, it makes it more of a chore if we’re forced to do it. Instead it should be encouraged! 

Making it a choice and hyping students up seems less of a chore and more of an enjoyment of a senior activity, so hopefully, next year Grizzlies will add more enthusiasm and character into it.