High School Basketball Returns


Fernando M. Donado, OC Sports Zone

Varsity basketball player Christopher Figueroa making a pass in a game

Ryan Collins, Reporter

With COVID-19 rates dropping, we are seeing the return of many high school sports. One of them is basketball, returning in April.

This is big for several Godinez basketball players, myself included, because a couple of us are seniors and were looking forward to a season this year. As the season returns, the team’s players and I are very excited.

Even though there will not be any support coming from the stands, it will still be a fun and cool experience to play with my senior teammates for one last season before we head off to college.

I reached out to a few of my teammates to get their opinion on their views of this season and how they have been staying in shape throughout this pandemic.

“I had my doubts but we are having a season and I’m excited. I’ve been going to the gym to workout to keep myself in shape. It’s been tough getting back to it but with basketball back it helps, even more, to get more into shape,” said senior, Erick Lopez.

Lopez is one of the returning varsity starters from last year’s team, who has his work cut out for him since this will be an uncertain season.

“I’m excited there is finally something to do. I’ve been going to the gym and running,” said senior Christopher Figueroa.

On top of the return of varsity basketball, the team has also seen the addition of a new head coach. After a long time coaching, Godinez’s previous basketball coach and former athletic director, Gregory Coombs, resigned due to COVID-19 concerns.

The new head coach is government teacher Robert Morgan who has coached the women’s basketball team for Godinez in the past. He is looking forward to the new opportunity as the men’s basketball coach in a season many thought was over.

With the addition of a new head coach and the return of several varsity players from last year’s team, this year’s Godinez basketball team hopes to salvage a season many thought wasn’t going to happen. Our team for this year will put the pieces together and do whatever it takes to win the league.