It’s Good to see Disneyland Reopening Soon

Just don’t forget the people who love the park the most; the Pass Holders


Jeanette Bustos

A photo of the author at Disney’s California Adventure at Paradise Pier which is now Pixar Pier. Photo taken Oct. 2018.

Jeanette Bustos, Staff Writer

A year ago on March 15, 2020, Disneyland along with other theme parks across California stopped operating their parks and closed them due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Disney fanatics have been eager for Disney’s California location, Disneyland, to open as many other Disney parks have begun to be fully operated. Luckily, on March 17, the Disney Co. announced the reopening of their two So. Cal. parks. Disneyland has been permitted to reopen if Orange County stays in the Orange tier and will allow the park to fully operate at a 25% capacity if OC stays on this tier. 

The park announced a new reservation system which is inconvenient to many. 

On January 14th, Disney announced that for the moment, they canceled the annual passholder program claiming that it is “due to the continued uncertainty of the pandemic and limitations around the reopening of our California theme parks.” On the bright side, they do intend to create new membership offerings. 

Members who owned a Disney Annual Pass from March 14, 2020, are considered to be “Legacy Passholders.” These former passholders still possess the advantage of using their pass discounts at Disney Parks but they will have to make reservations and pay the full ticket price like everyone else.

Californians will get priority, therefore, if you are not a California resident do not get your hopes up. The parks will only be opened to California residents. Park reservations and tickets dated for the days you intend to go will be necessary which can be reserved online.

As a former passholder myself, I believe that the majority of the passholders are upset that the annual pass program is discontinued. It was an advantage to be able to visit the parks with the wide availability of our passes and with such ease to get around the park. But, at the end of the day, it is a disadvantage for Disney Co. itself, especially for the upcoming reopening of the park. 

With this new strategy, the park will be able to maintain a more fair capacity for those who are not passholders. The park won’t be flooded with those who are annual passholders while maintaining a 25% capacity and new COVID- 19 precautions that visitors must follow such as: undergoing temperature checks, mandatory mask coverings, and cashless transactions. 

Ultimately, this is all profit for Disney Co. With passes being removed and many former passholders and tourists who are extremely eager for the reopening of the park, some may be willing to pay for tickets to visit their beloved favorite parks. Thus, sales will skyrocket.

In the meantime, many of Mickey Mouse’s biggest fans will just have to wait for the “Happiest Place on Earth” to be “happy for all” once again.