Yearbook Updates Amid the Pandemic

The yearbook will include a variety of stories from the year, including this year amid the pandemic.

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The yearbook will include a variety of stories from the year, including this year amid the pandemic.

Aryam Suarez, Staff Writer

This year has been difficult and challenging for students since Godinez Fundamental High School (GFHS) is online.

Since students have not stepped onto campus this school year, there is much speculation and people are eager to know what the yearbook looks like. Some wonder, is it even worth buying the yearbook since we didn’t have a proper school year?

The yearbook staff has worked on the yearbook since September and still in the process of putting it together doing their best to get as much information and photos as possible. 

Yearbook editor, Alexa Nunez, said, “this year’s yearbook is different from others because due to the pandemic and online learning, we have had to work with what we have, such as using photos that were taken previous years in order to fill up pages to make it memorable. Although it has been difficult, we have managed to make the book look its best.”

Just like students, this year the yearbook staff has had trouble with getting responses from people on time. 

“Although it may seem like this year’s yearbook isn’t going to be like others, it will still be very memorable for students. The book itself will be very unique because all of this is very new and it will have a personal touch to it,” added Nunez. 

Senior Vianney Virgin, is part of the yearbook staff and stressed how “difficult” the year has been coping with people’s late responses. It has caused even more stress into making the yearbook. 

“I would say I found it difficult when we and our team members would reach out to people and get a late response or not get a response at all because it would then affect everyone else in our class since we have certain deadlines to follow through,” said Virgin. 

Virgin notes that although it takes patience and time, they always get the work done and state how the easiest part of the yearbook is getting to be creative and throw in ideas whether it was for the theme or for different pages throughout the book.

It’s not all fun and games to the yearbook staff. 

In fact, for Vianney, “having to take yearbook (class) virtually is difficult for most people who are new to the class and learning how to do something you’ve never done before is definitely a little challenging, when you do not have the in-person tools or help to do so.”

For what is inside, people will have to wait and see until they receive the yearbook. 

Throughout this school year, the yearbook staff has encouraged teachers to take photos of activities that they do in their classes.

Due to COVID-19 health measures, the professional photos for the yearbook were cancelled. Seniors were invited to take  yearbook photos at home and upload a senior quote to go in the yearbook. 

For seniors, they are not getting much of the senior year experience. But for many, this yearbook is one to look forward to since this is a historic year to capture.

The yearbook itself is $90 and you have access to different accessories up for purchase such as signing pens, signing markers, and a name plate. You can buy your yearbook at 

For now, the yearbook staff works hard to make the yearbook as entertaining despite all of the challenges that this school year  has brought.