Made For Women by Women, Shop Small


Photo Courtesy of @sav_jewelry on Instagram

From left, Roa’s personal favorite, gold wired Citrine crystal ring and gold wired sky blue bead ring are displayed. Citrine crystals bring motivation and positive energy, cleanses and revitalizes the mind, and much more.

Behind every successful woman is herself; a woman who’s passionate, creative, and ambitious. 

In honor of March 8 being International Women’s Day, and March is Women’s History Month, we are getting to know the boss ladies of local, woman-owned small businesses we can support. Treat your friends, mothers, or any other special women in your life with a gift and remember to shop small. 

From Hobby to Hustle: Sav Jewelry

With what initially started off as a hobby over quarantine, senior Savannah Roa, four-year cheerleader from Godinez Fundamental High School (GFHS), began a ring business, known as Sav Jewelry, in February 2021. She specializes in making crystal, gemstone and bead rings. 

“The reason why I decided to start my little business was because I saw that I had potential in selling my crystal and bead rings while making them affordable for others. I fell in love with making these specific rings because crystals uplift your energy and all have a certain meaning behind them which I love,” said Roa.

Despite the circumstances, Roa has made quarantine a little less boring as she fell in love with making jewelry. With her admiration in crystals and positive encouragement from others, she became ecstatic to share her creations with others. She has over 24 types of different crystals, each with distinct meanings including Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystals, Evil Eye beads, and simple round shaped beads: to fit all your ring jewelry needs. 

“The goals I have for my little business is to keep expanding and hopefully making more styles of jewelry later on,” added Roa. 

For more rings and information, connect with Roa via Instagram @sav_jewelry

Moisturizing and Mesmerizing Lips: Naked Gloss 

Inspired by the idea of being her own boss from selling baked goods for a school trip, senior Lizbeth Aparicio from Santa Ana High School (SAHS) established her lip gloss business, Naked Gloss, in July 2020. 

“I loved the idea of being my own boss and having that creative freedom. Once we went into lockdown, I decided that baked goods would not be the best idea. Lip gloss has been a staple in my makeup routine for a long time now so I thought ‘why not make my own?’ And here I am now,” said Aparicio.

From left, “Diva” is displayed in sizes 10ml, 6ml and 8ml. (Photo Courtesy of @naked.gloss on Instagram)

Having sensitive lips left her options limited when it came to purchasing new glosses. More often they would irritate and/or dry out her lips tremendously. Therefore, with her business, she hopes to help others who deal with the same issue while selling them for a more affordable price.

“My biggest goals are to have 500 supporters by the end of the year on my Instagram page as well as getting known outside of our county, so much that I would start delivering more orders through mail and to one day grow big enough that I can help fellow small business owners by doing webinars, money grants, and giving them my platform to spotlight their own business,” added Aparicio. 

For more glosses and information, connect with Aparicio via Instagram @naked.gloss

From Baking to Selling: Natsweetreats

The love of baking for her family and herself for a long time, junior Natalie Torres from Segerstrom High School (SHS), started her own business on February 10, 2021 known as Natsweetreats. She makes breakable heart cakes, cake pops, and covered strawberries. 

“I love to bake and create things so it makes me feel really good about myself, seeing people smiling is always worth it even though it can be stressful but what job isn’t,” said Torres. 

Sprinkled pink covered strawberries. (Photo Courtesy of @natsweetreats on Instagram)

Although life in lockdown has been difficult, Natalie found a way to entertain herself, to see people smile and catch their reactions from what she did with her own bare hands. With positive powerful feedback at such a young age she is succeeding and tasting a bit of how it is to hustle and become a woman who will do anything to succeed and get to the top. 

“Being a woman is what makes me proud of being and I’m proud to see other women succeed in life,” added Torres.  

To get your box of sweets and for more information, connect with Torres via Instagram @natsweetreats.



Beautiful to Fierce: lashoutbydaisy 

Obsessed with makeup and creating different looks, senior Daisy Patricio from GFHS, began her own small business in June 2020 known as lashoutbydaisy. She has more than 10 different eyelashes in different styles and formations. 

“I really enjoy doing my makeup and to me lashes bring out the full glam look and since that I loved the idea of starting my own lash business because I am able to do things my way. And although it can be a hard process of putting in the work and investing money, I feel like it’s a great way of having financial benefits,” said Patricio.

“Boss Babe” is one of her different types of eyelashes. (Photo Courtesy of )

With millions of girls interested in eyelashes completing their whole makeup look not only feeling gorgeous but confident Patricio has invested to make girls feel happy and accomplish in seeing girls being in their fullest baddest potential. To feel fierce. 

“My future goal is to grow my business and hopefully, in the future have a shop for my lash business,” concluded Patricio. 

To be your fullest, baddest potential and for more information, connect with Patricio via Instagram @lashoutbydaisy.