Staff Spotlight: Lisa Treen


Courtesy of Lisa Treen

Lisa Treen takes a selfie at the baseball game where Godinez played Estancia High School on Saturday, March 20, 2021.

Natalie Rivera, Staff Writer

Lisa Treen, Godinez Fundamental High School’s athletic director, continues to face the unknown in high school sports.

“Things have to be done safely, we cannot compromise safety to provide the opportunity to play,” said Treen.

There are many constraints and issues that have driven which Godinez sports have been able to come back and what athletes can do. This includes play area limitations, concerns/restrictions, commitment to participation, and more. Fortunately, some sports were given the green light to resume.

“At this moment in time, we are focused on providing participation for our seniors as much as possible with varsity teams in the sports of cross-country, baseball, softball, boys soccer, and girls soccer. These sports are outdoor sports and are considered lower risk in regards to the dangers of spreading COVID-19,” added Treen.

However, football will not be resuming this school year. 

“Our football program experienced the loss of our head coach at a crucial time when it was possible for them to start up practicing again. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure a replacement head coach to lead this program when it counted and additionally, we had extremely low participation football numbers that would have been very problematic to have a viable football playing situation,” said Treen.

Gym sports are having difficulty resuming because all activity must be done outside. Some gym sports face additional challenges due to constant physical contact required for participation.  These sports include: basketball, wrestling, and cheer. 

One sport that has not been able to do anything is volleyball. Unlike other gym sports that have equipment to practice outdoors, there are no outdoor volleyball courts at Godinez. 

Treen added, “The mandatory COVID-19 testing of indoor and high impact sports continues to be a constraint to participation and the viability of having the sport. While things are changing for the better, we still will experience issues to bring these sports back quickly or even at all this school year.”

After serving as an athletic director for 37 years in both the high school and intermediate levels, Treen has decided to retire.

Treen looks forward to not having to grind to a dictated educational/athletic schedule. She is excited for a new chapter and hopes to find other ways to be productive and free to do what makes her happy. Her favorite memories include being hired to open Godinez and tasked in helping our founding Principal, Greg Rankin, hire the original Godinez staff. 

Treen exclaimed, “This just never happens in education and it was a unique and very special experience that brought excitement and hope for what has become a fantastic school; the best high school in SAUSD!”

Treen’s greatest athletic memories are many but some are when both the boy’s soccer and softball teams won the CIF-SS championships. 

“These were extremely positive life altering experiences for everyone involved from A to Z. Truly special and unforgettable moments that I will cherish,” said Treen.

She acknowledges that most of her memories at Godinez are related to the tremendous character displayed by Grizzlies. Treen takes pride in the fact that she’s had something to do with that and it has become the core of what it means to be a Grizzly. 

Treen would like to thank and recognize a few people, including Greg Rankin.

“I’d like to thank him for his incredible leadership, character, and for being the best example of a human being. I truly appreciate his faith in me as a teacher, coach, athletic director over the years and for allowing me to be a part of setting the Godinez standard of excellence. It truly has been such a positive and enjoyable part of my life,” added Treen.

She gives personal shoutouts to all the original staffers, administrators and her athletic department staff. 

“Shelley Hernandez, Alma Moraga, and Jason Polhamus – thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to the dedicated coaching staff and their desire to rise above the athletic challenges faced to provide the best high school sports experience possible for our students,” Treen said.

Lastly, Treen wants to thank all of the Godinez students and student-athletes who she had the great pleasure of teaching, coaching or overseeing as athletic director. 

“I am truly appreciative of all of the special memories we have created and shared during your high school years at Godinez. These are cherished memories that have bonded us for life. Thank you all, I will never forget them or you all as I finally and officially graduate from high school myself. Love to all my Godinez family,” concluded Treen. 

The Godinez staff and students have been very lucky to have Treen at Godinez.

And as the last season of sports starts to finish after spring break, Treen looks forwards to going to many athletic events. As a spectator.