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Elizabeth Perez

Losing the Unimaginable

It is a year since it started. No one knew the severity of the issue, nor did we expect it to last this long. March 13, from the days leading to and the days that came after, it was the day everyone’s life changed. 

School got canceled and it was fun at first. Summer rolled around and I worried when toilet paper was out of stock. Why toilet paper? I’m not really sure myself, however, it felt like a warning; you are about to lose things you never even thought you could  lose. 

As the days went on, I realized a bit of myself as well. I noticed that I hate repetition; I hate having a constant cycle of sadness, tiredness, and feeling overwhelmed. I realized I still love volleyball and how much I want to get back into it. I realized how much I miss the things I took for granted.

But things are getting better, at least I think they are. Despite the days with rage and terror in the streets, numbers of deaths are declining while the number of vaccines continue to grow. With enough time, hopefully we get one day closer to overcoming the virus. 

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