Natalie Rivera

Grateful for Health Care Heroes

I was in my first period math analysis class when my teacher, John Ninofranco, nervously tried to explain the situation. His last words were, “I’m not sure when or if we will meet again.”

The class exploded in commotion, and I knew my life had changed.

My mom works at Kaiser Hospital and described to us a chaotic scene in the hospital, which worsened in the coming weeks. 

My sister and I were not allowed to go to our weekly grocery trips, in fear of catching the virus. I set up a mini sanitation center outside of my home for my mom and brother who both work at Kaiser. 

Although the pandemic has been a period of growth for me, I know that may not be the case for front line workers or people who lost a loved one.

I am grateful for our nurses, doctors, public health officials, grocery workers, and scientists who played a crucial role for humanity.

I am optimistic that the future holds a sense of normalcy and certainty. 

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