Alicia Jimenez

Longing for Normalcy

Life changed in just one blink.

One moment I was walking to go to school early in the morning, and now, I just wake up, and open a computer. I felt the change when I would just sit in my room listening to my teacher through a computer and not having him/her in front of me. 

It sucks not being able to go out with friends and just stay home for so long. Being stuck at home made me realize how horrible it is to be trapped at home. I miss going to the mall, school, and amusement parks. I’ll give anything to just to feel that adrenaline of going on a rollercoaster and screaming till I lose my voice. 

Not going to school has affected me. I’m scared. What if I don’t get to live the high school senior experience? I want to be able to do everything my brother did when he graduated high school. I want to graduate and have my family there cheering me on for this milestone.

Things are getting better now. COVID-19 cases are decreasing and more places are opening up. Things are getting back to normal slowly.

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