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Our class photo in the center with a few phrases from some of our journalists’ reflections of the past year since the March 13, 2020, lockdown.

A Year in Reflection: Stories from the Newsroom One Year After it all Began or Ended

Editor’s Note: The following is a reflection from our editor-in-chief, Wendy Rodriguez.

One year. One year after it all began–or ended. 

March seems like an eternity. Yet, here we are, one year later. 

It’s difficult to reflect on a time that caused so much anxiety, fear, worry, discomfort and sadness. 

Like many, March 13th seemed like a normal day– at least until sixth period. When the school closure was announced on the intercom, I was in complete disbelief. But, hopeful because I knew that we would return soon.

Immediately after school, senior Mario Campos (Class of 2020) and I, worked feverishly on the breaking news article as schools all around the country closed. 

Weeks passed. One month passed. There was still nothing. No news. No plans of reopening. No hope in sight.

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases increased, I accepted that this was my new reality. 

Were we ever going to go back? I asked myself. 

Teachers try their hardest to teach and adjust to this new “normal,” while students adapted, or didn’t, to their new schedules and routines.

I struggle to stay focused in my classes because I am often distracted by the constant noise my family makes in the background. 

But, as vaccinations are distributed phase by phase, with anticipation and hope, we know that we are closer to the day where this too shall all pass. 

Though 2020 proved to be a year full of adversity, the newsroom is ready to face 2021, good or bad, and continue to report stories that matter.

This time of reflection and reassurance has looked different for everybody. As a newsroom, we decided to reflect on this past year and how much of an impact the pandemic has had on us.

Here are our stories:

Good Riddance, 2020
The Truth That Hit Hardest
Tested Positive for COVID-19
Breaking the Routine
Trying to be Optimistic about the Future
Lost Memories, Lost Experiences
The Year that Opened My Eyes
A New Situation Turns into Finding New Experiences
An Endless Loop of Boredom
A Year of Stories in my Kitchen
Chaos is the New Normal
Grateful for Health Care Heroes
Losing the Unimaginable
Longing for Normalcy
Missed Milestones

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