“Nightstalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer”


Courtesy of Netflix Studios

The “Night Stalker” also known as Richard Ramirez pictured in Netflix’s promotion of the crime docu-series.

Alexa Rendon, Reporter

“Nightstalker” a limited crime and documentary series is based on the notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez, who terrorized Southern California in the summer of 1985. 

The Night Stalker also known as Richard Ramirez was an infamous serial killer who was convicted of thirteen counts of murder, five counts of attempted murder, and eleven sexual assaults around the Los Angeles and San Fransisco areas during the summers of 1984 to August 1985. 

Tiller Russell directed the series as a documentary to describe the process of capturing the Night Stalker. Detectives, victims, and reporters go in depth explaining their encounter with Ramirez. Throughout the series, we learn more about the process and frustration of finding the Night Stalker.  

The series introduction begins with an old video of Detective Gil Carillo explaining the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s commencement to the investigation of several homicides and sexual assaults. Ironically, many aspects of living in Los Angeles at that time, show the city as Carillo called it, “a dark place.”

Frank Salerno, a homicide detective, teams up with Carillo in order to find the Night Stalker and stop the California terror. 

The “Summer of fear” is used by many to describe the time period of Ramirez , who share their encounter or insight about the Night Stalker.

The series can be terrifying to viewers because of the true events and past situations that include informative and detailed explanations of how Ramirez caused terror.

Watch the series because of the suspense, and to see how it ends for the Night Stalker in the streets of East L.A. This series is currently streaming on Netflix.