It’s Never Too Late for a Fresh Start: Here are some Tips for the New Semester


Kylie Mayo

An organized school workspace, like the writer’s, shows she is ready to start the day’s assignments.

Kylie Mayo, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Transitioning into the second half of the school year can be hard after a hopefully, relaxing break. Let’s try to make it a goal to have better habits while we continue online learning. Here are some tips and tricks to be at the very least a bit helpful when trying to get homework and assignments done: 

Turn off Your Phone- Any kind of notification sound will have you running to your phone so turning off the ringer could help you forget about it easier. The less you think of being on your device, the more you’ll stay focused. Hiding the device you spend the most time on is helpful so you do not automatically use them as a distraction. Putting your phone, TV remote, and/or game controller in a desk drawer is an example of this. If you cannot see it, you cannot use it. Some phones like iPhones and Samsungs allow you to set an app time limit. Using this tool, can reduce your screen time if you only allow yourself to use your favorite apps for only an hour or so. 

Plan out your day with lists- To-do lists can be extremely helpful when you are trying to remember what you need to get done. An agenda is a good tool to keep track of these lists. Every day write down the chores or assignments you have to do, you may not know all the details the very moment you wake up but just jot down anything that pops up throughout the day. Once you have completed the task just cross it off you list. During class you should take notes of when assignments are due and even if you wrote it down once, write it again for the next day, that way you do not forget even if you put it off to do at a later time.

Be Organized- A clean work space can be truly beneficial as well. Even if you do not have a desk, a designated area that you dedicate working in can keep you on track and focused. However you must make sure that it is clean, a messy work space can make one feel chaotic and overwhelming. Make sure to keep any supplies you might need nearby as well like pencils, pens, paper, etc. 

Be Well-Rested- And you must always make sure you are getting your full eight hours of sleep. If sleeping early is not an option, take power naps. A nice hour nap after the school day is over is a well deserved break. Then that can give you the energy you need to finish your homework assignments for that night. And if you cannot find yourself any time throughout the day to nap, sleep during the school break or lunch. Ten minutes of rest is really all you need. 

Take Breaks- Finally mental, emotional, physical breaks are extremely important after having to work all day, especially because one must keep themselves healthy. Make sure you take time to destress even if it is just a moment to breathe. Other options could include listening to music or going on a walk outside to get some fresh air and sunlight. 

Don’t Forget your Nutrition- Most importantly eating snacks and drinking water because you need those nutrients to keep yourself healthy, happy, and energized. 


Remember that everyone’s plan to stay on top of their work is different. It does not matter whether you choose to do all these tips or only one just as long as you commit to it and follow it daily.