New Teachers Arrive at Godinez


Courtesy of Ngoc Tran

Assistant Principal Ngoc Tran in her office at GFHS. Tran is currently working most days in her office instead of at home.

Natalie Rivera and Gloria Marquez

A new school year brought a few new staff members to Godinez Fundamental High School.

Ngoc Tran is the new assistant principal at Godinez. Tran is proud to serve Santa Ana students because Santa Ana is where her heart is. Tran grew up in Santa Ana and attended Diamond Elementary, Carr Intermediate, and Valley High School. 

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in English, Master’s degree in Education, and Doctorate degree in Education from UCLA. As a teacher, Tran was mainly concerned with student’s learning, but now in an administrative position, she’s concerned with everything that gets  students learning, including their mental health, safety, and more. 

Tran is inspired and impressed by the goals at Godinez Fundamental High School and their hopes to achieve, including becoming the best high school in the state. She looks forward to meeting all the students and staff in person. 

“It’s amazing how proud everyone is when they speak about Godinez and how much they love Godinez students,” said Tran.

English tutor Daniella Ocegueda shows her Anteater UCI pride. Ocegueda is currently attending as a senior. (Courtesy of Daniella Ocegueda)

Daniella Ocegueda is an English tutor at Godinez. She started off as a science tutor last year, where she did not have any experience.

Once she heard there was a position where she can tutor English. “I got a little excited, because I think I’m better at doing English stuff cause in college I read a lot of papers,” said Ocegueda. 

Ocegueda heard about the position from her husband. Her husband was a student at Godinez. 

Ocegueda likes our teachers. She thinks our school is very nice because the school she attended was very small. Her graduating class was about 100 students. Ocegueda attended school at Firebaugh High School.

Being at Godinez is a new experience for Ocegueda. “In a school where there are over 2,000 students is crazy to me. It’s different being in a big school compared to being in such a small school,” said Ocegueda. 

Ocegueda adds “ It actually makes my day when students ask for help. I really enjoy my job when students are active.”

Lastly, camera shy, Angel Gutierrez Gonzalez is one of the new Autism Paraprofessionals for Rivera’s class. He got the position through Edjoin, a website for employment opportunities relating to education. He was interviewed through Zoom and a few weeks later he was offered the position. 

Growing up, Gutierrez wanted to be several things including a cartoonist, a gardener, an architect and even a priest at one point. Gutierrez grew up in Long Beach until second grade and moved to Corona/Norco until he graduated high school. Gutierrez proceeded to attend the University of California, San Diego, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business. 

Gutierrez said, “Although I haven’t had the pleasure of being at the Godinez campus and seeing everyone in person, from the limited virtual scope of Google Meet, Zoom and email, I have seen that Godinez staff and students are very passionate about learning and education and I love it. It seems that Godinez holds itself to higher standards compared to your average high school which is much needed in an ever increasingly competitive world of  higher education, employment and other opportunities for growth.”

He would like to thank the administration for taking him on to be part of the wonderful staff and giving him the opportunity to help educate part of our local communities. 

Gutierrez added,“I look forward to the day it is safe to go back in person and see my fellow staff, students and the Godinez campus in full motion. THINK GODINEZ!!!”