Christmas Decorations You Can Make at Home

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and that means December is here along with the Christmas season. For many, this is a fun time to spend with your family and decorate your house. However, it can be difficult to come up with creative and unique ideas that sets you apart from everyone else. 

Here are some ideas and tips for Christmas decorations that you can buy or make. The first thing you want to do is look around your house.

Think about where you would like to decorate your house and then decide if the colors you chose match with the color of your house.

Sometimes, the internet can be a helpful tool. Pinterest is a great website to look into if you’re lost or need ideas. Looking up homemade decorations on the internet is a good idea because there are so many ideas you can use to make decorations at home.

When you’re searching the web for ideas, remember to save the picture as a reference.

One homemade decor idea is a candy cane wreath. The materials you need are candy canes, hot glue, and a ribbon. 

Arrange candy canes in a circle, making hearts with two candy canes and hot glue them together.

After waiting for the glue to dry, hot glue small candy canes or anything you want in the center of the candy canes.

Finally, you can add a ribbon to hang it.

Another idea is paper roll wreath. All you would need is  any size of a paper towel roll, hot glue, paint, and ribbons. 

You would need to press down the paper roll and draw even lines horizontally to cut. Then, you cut it and if you’d like, you can paint it any color you wish. After it’s dry, you can glue the tip of the paper roll together and add anything you want in the middle. 


You can also add the ribbon to it and hang it. And if you are down for it, you can also make more of the paper towel roll flowers and glue all of them together as well as add more decorations to it.

After you’re done with the decoration you can hang it around your house or put it as an ornament for the tree.

While there are so many other Christmas decorations you can make at home, these are a few to get you started.

Enjoy your holidays with a little more homemade magic and continue to stay safe and wear a mask.