A Week in the Life of a Student’s Online Learning


Alexa Rendon

Reporter, Alexa Rendon (top left hand corner) in her 3rd period AVID class taught by Mr. Daniel Tena (highlighted in 3rd row).

Alexa Rendon, Staff Writer

Note: Journalist, Alexa Rendon, recorded a week (Nov. 9-13) to see what online learning is like from a student’s perspective.


To start the week, I feel great because of getting enough relaxation over the weekend, but I still decide to ignore my alarm and get up at 8:45 a.m. Waking up at that time gives me enough time to grab a quick breakfast. 

I start the day with Journalism as my first period. The newsroom shares current events that are going on worldwide that we should be aware of each morning. 

Next, I have third period, which for me is AVID and luckily it is tutorial day, where I receive additional help for certain questions I have.

Throughout the day, I start to feel exhausted from looking at my computer screen all day, but the one hour lunch we have after third period, helps regain some energy.

I ended the day with math so the break was very much needed, to pay attention throughout 80 minutes. 

After school ends, I immediately start homework which is easy to complete. 

Today felt like a great start to the week, giving me hope for the rest of the week. 


I usually wake up earlier on Tuesdays. I woke up at 7:15 a.m. and I am ready for my even classes today (2, 4, 6). 

I had extra time to work on last-minute college applications and made breakfast. After I made an iced matcha latte that I drank during economy class.

After are my two Advanced Placement (AP) classes of Literature and Psychology. Between those classes, there is an hour lunch break which I spent reviewing more of my college applications and filling out scholarships. 


Today was Veterans Day so there is no school for students. My counselor, Dr. Chavez, took the opportunity for AVID students to submit Cal State applications in groups at different times throughout the day.

Since my meeting was at 11:25 a.m., I woke up at 9:00 a.m. to get ready and review my application to make sure I didn’t have any last minute questions. I feel great knowing I submitted my Cal State applications. And, although I felt nervous to click the submit button, as soon as I clicked it, I instantly felt the weight on my shoulders ease off. 


Thursday was great because of the rest I got from Wednesday. Thursday is a replica of Tuesday’s classes (2,4,6). 

I wake up at 7:25 a.m. and was ready for class. 

Throughout the day, I remain focused because the amount of work I have to do is usually due Friday, but I like to get work done before if I can. 

Considering this day is very similar to Tuesday I work on my UC personal insight questions during my lunch and after school. I will be turning in my application on November 14. 


Usually, the Friday schedule consists of every class for a shorter amount of time but since this week, there was no school on Wednesday, we had odd classes (1,3,5). 

Fridays are my absolute favorite because the feeling of knowing it’s getting closer to Saturday is my motivation.

Between classes, I make sure to go outside every day to prepare myself and get my eyes off the screen.