Netflix Movies to watch while you’re Ho-Ho-Home for the Holidays

Should you watch “Holidate” or “Operation Christmas Drop” to feel the Christmas spirit?


Photo courtesy of Netflix

From left, Erica and Andrew from Operation Christmas Dropout and Sloane and Jackson from Holidate.

Elizabeth Perez and Kevin Ramirez

The holiday season is here, and what better way to spend your time than with friends and family watching a Christmas film together while sipping some delicious hot cocoa.

Every year, Netflix puts out new movies for the holiday season. “Holidate” and “Operation Christmas Drop” are two examples of movies perfect to watch this Christmas.

“Holidate” is a romantic comedy, directed by John Whitesell, about two strangers who attempt a platonic relationship for the holidays. The story follows Sloane, played by Emma Roberts, and Jackson, played by Luke Bracey, two desperate singles looking for a partner to spend the holidays with. 

The two go through all sorts of romantic, comedic, and embarrassing moments and begin to form a bond. Their intentions are for them to sort out their relationship and the ending is for you to find out. 

“Holidate” is hilarious and is not the romcom you would expect. It is however rated TV-MA, so it’s more fitting to watch with friends than with family. 

“Operation Christmas Drop” is a romcom film, directed by Martin Wood. The film stars Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig who play the characters Erica and Andrew.

Erica is a congressional assistant in Washington, DC. She is asked to investigate a US Air Force base in Guam to see if any sign of foul play is found in order to have it closed down. Andrew is an Air Force captain, he is tasked with showing Erica around the base and convince her that it shouldn’t be shut down.

The base has a yearly tradition of airlifting goods to the citizens of Guam for Christmas. Andrew shows Erica around the base and tradition is worth fighting for. He shows her that the base closing would put an end to this tradition. Erica and Andrew begin to experience romantic feelings towards each other as they spend time in Guam. 

Between the two movies, there are some similarities. Both movies are Netflix originals for 2020 and both films are Christmas movies as well as a romantic comedies.

“Operation Christmas Drop” is a mildly predictable romantic comedy. The characters are pretty generic and are not anything special.

After taking time to watch and review this movie, I have to admit, it was not very memorable.

“Operation Christmas Drop” is a safe movie for all the family to watch. It has a very predetermined story with basic characters that are seen in many movies with this genre. However it is a family friendly holiday movie.

In the end, “Holidate” is more memorable than “Operation Christmas Drop.” With its comedic and relatable scenes, “Holidate” will leave you wanting more and get into the holiday spirit.