Political Duo is a Step in the Right Direction

As Harris and Biden take office we look at the impact they will have on the world


Courtesy of Joebiden.com Team Joe Toolkit

Vice President elect Kamala Harris speaks at the GOTV Event in Las Vegas, Nev. Photo taken October 27, 2020.

Ryan Collins, Staff Writer

History has been made with Kamala Harris becoming the first African American/Asian female vice president in America.

This is big for me due to the fact that I am African American. I see this as a step in the right direction when it comes to more and more African Americans being voted into different positions such as: president, vice president, mayor of their respective areas, and many more.

If anything this is an even bigger deal for women across the world who hope to be leaders of their societies one day in their own lives

But, that is only a small part of the election. The other part of the election involves the election of our new president-elect Joe Biden. This is the beginning of what many people hope will be a new form of America.

I say this because I don’t necessarily like Joe Biden that much, I just believe he was a better candidate than President Donald Trump. I see that many other people felt the same way, because as long as Trump isn’t our president anymore, the world can be a better place for both younger and older generations.

“I do not believe Donald Trump was the right choice for America in the first place,” said, my mom, Victoria Collins.

Many people had the same views as her. Many people in America including the Trump supporters who voted for him didn’t like Trump as our president considering the state our economy is in at the moment.

This is exactly why the election of Biden is a breath of fresh air for our society.

“Joe Biden is the right choice for America,” said, my dad, Robert Collins.

My father’s views of Biden have rubbed off on me, because I also believe that Biden is the president America needs. He isn’t as stubborn and arrogant as Trump. 

So even though I don’t necessarily agree with all of Biden’s views and beliefs, I can somewhat sit here and tell you he is a far better president than Trump, just by the way he acts.

This is a good sign for our society, considering the fact that we need more of a leader than a dictator in today’s society. With so much of our youth looking at our leaders for inspiration, there is no space for a dictator.