We Rated Your Favorite Thanksgiving Foods


Ebony Garcia and Jaylene Garcia

Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the last Thursday of November and it’s a time where family comes together. But, with the number of COVID-19 cases increasing daily, Thanksgiving will look different this year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that “The safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year is to celebrate with people in your household. If you do plan to spend Thanksgiving with people outside your household, take steps to make your celebration safer.”

But, don’t worry, to get you in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the newsroom came together to find out what your favorite Thanksgiving foods are by ranking them.

1. Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese has to be an all time favorite Thanksgiving food. We love the homemade better than the box because we know it’s made with love.

Some of our journalists are also looking forward to this delicious dish.

Kevin Ramirez said, “Since I was small my mother has made the best macaroni and cheese, so I always get excited to have it every year.”

2. Mashed Potatoes and Hawaiian Rolls

From the Thanksgiving poll that was launched last week on the Grizzly Gazette, we were surprised to see mashed potatoes and Hawaiian rolls as the second most loved food.  It’s fascinating how everyone makes them differently. 

Alexa Rendon is one of those students whose family cooks it uniquely.

My family adds toppings like cheese, red chili flakes, and chives because we don’t like gravy,” said Rendon.

Senior, Angelica Hernandez has loved mashed potatoes since she was young.

“I’ve always enjoyed eating mashed potatoes since I was younger on Thanksgiving. It’s been a tradition so it turned into one of my favorite foods,” said Hernandez.

In my family (Ebony), we eat Hawaiian rolls like there is no tomorrow.

This food item should have been ranked number one instead of Macaroni and Cheese because you can eat this with literally anything on your plate.

3. Pies

Even though you may be stuffed from all the food you ate, there is always room for pie. There are a variety of different pies to choose from: pumpkin, pecan, apple and more. 

Kylie Mayo is especially excited for pie this year.

“Every year my mom buys the big pumpkin pie from Costco and that makes me feel like holiday time has finally come,” said Mayo.

Pies from Costco are so big and cheap. Unless you have a large family, the pie can last a long time. But, it sucks how you cannot buy anything from Costco without a membership card.

4. All of the Above

There are some families that enjoy having a little bit of every Thanksgiving food there is. 

Erick Lopez chose all of the above.

“I chose all of the above because I get to enjoy this food with my whole family and we always have a good time. It is something to remember,” said Lopez.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Junior, Alex Joaquin, is a fan of sweet potatoes and it’s a tradition to have it on the table with his family. 

“Sweet potatoes are my go-to food. My dad, little brother, and I always enjoy sweet potatoes. We always sit next to each other and have a wonderful time,” said Joaquin.

I’m (Jaylene), not such a big fan of sweet potatoes and it’s not such a famous plate on my menu.

6. Corn on the Cob

It’s so surprising to know that at least one person from the poll loves corn on the cob with their food. Corn on the cob is a good combination with Mexican food.

But, is corn on the cob your favorite dish? And is it on your menu for this Thanksgiving?

7. Salad 

Honestly, we don’t know why people eat salads for Thanksgiving. Maybe the person is a vegetarian and perhaps it can be rewarding to have something green on your plate; it can make you feel better health wise.

8. Casseroles

I, (Jaylene), love casseroles and it’s definitely a famous dish on my table. All of my aunts make each of their favorite casseroles and put it on the table. Even though it was not ranked as high as I wanted it to be, it still is my all time favorite dish.

9. Cranberry Sauce

We can all agree that Cranberry Sauce is not on our Thanksgiving menu.

With or without Thanksgiving, it’s not something that many in the newsroom eat.  Except our advisor, Joyce Feuerborn, who likes the traditional food on their Thanksgiving table.

“My mom makes them from scratch every year and it’s the real thing not that awful canned stuff,” said Feuerborn

10. Turkey

TURKEY, TURKEY!! Now this is something that we did not expect. Turkey is the main and famous portion of Thanksgiving and it’s something that many eat. This main dish is very important in my (Jaylene) family tradition and it’s something that we all love eating with the rest of the sides. 


From the newsroom to your families: Happy Thanksgiving. Be sure to stay safe, and if you have to even on Zoom, give thanks to your family and friends and the food you have, and make new memories with your loved ones.