Teacher Spotlight: Suzanne Pruden

Gloria Marquez, Staff Writer

Suzanne Pruden is not only an AP English Language and Composition teacher, but also the chairperson for the English department and helps with yearly portfolios to prepare our Grizzlies for their future. 

She has been at Godinez Fundamental High School since 2008. Pruden started at Godinez because she had the background in teaching 11th grade and AP English Language, but along the way, her job introduced her to new opportunities and responsibilities.

Over the course of 12 years, Pruden took on the responsibility of bringing the yearly portfolios online, which is part of the reason she became the English department chairperson in 2014. For all her hard work, our school recognized her as 2020 teacher of the year. 

She responded to the news by saying, “… it’s really nice to be rewarded and supported but also it feels a little strange because especially because of this environment. I am teacher of the year from my bedroom in my house right now.”

Pruden could not have done this without the support of her co-workers. They supported her by helping her find a way she can fit into our school and also that she and her co-workers are just trying to be the “best version of themselves.”

She is a selfless, humble person and just wants the best for peers and most importantly, for students’ education. When it comes to her students, she helps you in any way she can. 

A student of her’s, Danielle Cifuentes, takes Pruden’s AP English Language and Composition class. 

Cifuentes said, “… She is very sweet and kind. She loves her students and she pushes us to do our best. She prepares us so that we can be able to be successful in the future. I can probably say that her students love her and that we hope future students have for a class.” 

This goes without saying Pruden is remarkable and dedicated to her job. She had to adjust with teaching her students now that Godinez had to go virtual due to COVID-19. 

Sol Martinez thinks Pruden is “organized, friendly and also answers any questions you may have. She makes sure we’re on the same topic, she tries to engage us all in all our classes.” 

Even though Pruden is driven with her job, outside of school she spends time with her husband of eight years, Bob, and a 14-year-old Boston Terrier named Olive. She enjoys taking walks with Olive and reading educational journals. 

Her message is “reading and writing is extremely important in our lives because it is our way of communication not only with just each other but with the world as well.”

She closed off by adding “… my plea to keep supporting reading and writing.”