Everybody Has a Story: Ivan Villegas


Photo Courtesy of Godinez Key Club

From left, seniors Jesus Mora and Ivan Villegas cleaned Someone Cares Soup Kitchen on Sunday, October 18, 2020.

For the Everybody Has a Story spotlight, this month we decided to interview senior Ivan Villegas who is an athlete, in ASB, and a Key Club member.

How do you balance all of your extracurricular activities?

I make sure to get my school work done and out of the way to keep on track to have time to do my other work. I push away work that is not as important and do the work that is most important and closest to the deadline, so I am able to do my extracurricular work. 

What does the Associated Student Body (ASB) usually do on a by weekly basis?

We plan events for the future and discuss them to see what is beneficial to students. 

Pullquote Photo

“We try to keep an environment where the students can look forward to certain events. ”

— Ivan Villegas

What is your job in ASB? 

I am a part of the student relations committee. We take in feedback from students and their opinions on how our events went where we recognize certain holidays or awareness weeks. We try to keep an environment where the students can look forward to certain events. 

How do you complete your work for Key Club?

When I get a notice of work that I have to complete, I brainstorm to see what I am able to do so that I can quickly finish what is assigned to me. 

How is Tennis working out for you this year under quarantine? 

For tennis, we have mandatory workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Zoom usually led by Coach Heriberto Cortez. Working out for tennis has been very different for obvious reasons but it’s nothing to be very concerned about.

Can you describe what being the Tennis captain is? 

I have been team captain since my sophomore year. But, being a tennis captain takes a lot of communication skills, especially in the situation we are in now. Whether that is being with the coaches or the team, relaying information is a big thing for me to do. Being captain, I am one of the people that are most trusted by my coaches and team.

Do you have any hobbies/activities you like to do in your free time?

During quarantine, I began exercising on my own time. I began with running two miles, three times a week but recently since school started, I limited that to only the days I workout for tennis.

How has college applications been like for you?

College applications have been very time consuming and stressful but they are going to be worth all the time and effort at the end. 

What are your goals after high school?

My goal after high school is to be able to go to a 4 year college and still continue to play tennis and maybe on the school team if fortunate enough. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

No, I do not have anything else to add.