Late Start to Fall Season Concerns Athletes


Kylie Mayo

Sophomore Patricia Lizardi who is in the frosh-soph volleyball team practices her serves in her backyard. Photo taken October 10, 2020 at 6:06 p.m.

Kylie Mayo, Staff Writer

The season for fall sports is finally open at Godinez Fundamental High School (GFHS). Coaches believe it is safe but are athletes actually ready to go back? 

The set date to return on campus for conditioning and with proper COVID-19 protocols is October 15, 2020.

Returning sports are: football, boys and girls volleyball, boys and girls cross country, and boys and girls water polo. 

When schools closed down March 13, due to the pandemic, athletes had to practice individually at home. 

Now as GFHS awaits the day to reopen for sports, Athletic Director, Lisa Treen, is concerned about how everything is going to work out.

“Everything is different, everything is not what it was and that’s going to be the hard thing for I think a lot of our returners to understand,” said Treen. 

According to Treen, conditioning will take place at GFHS with varsity players only. Following the COVID-19 guidelines, students will be required to wear a mask and stay socially distanced. 

In addition, Treen said that teams will be broken up into pods of ten with one coach for each pod, all practices will be planned in advance with specific locations, dates, times, and check-in points, and no socializing will be allowed.

“Personally, I think no matter what we do, it’s going to be very difficult to keep everyone safe,” added Treen.

Treen made multiple videos to get the word out there that practices were starting soon.

She and the coaching staff are constantly reminding players on video and in Zoom meetings, that it is extremely important for them to get an athletic clearance in order to play.

Because of virtual learning, coaches do workouts through Zoom to strengthen their player’s skills. And now, coaches are starting to look at ways to keep athletes safe during body conditioning.

Cross country coach, Diego Rocha, and volleyball coach, Jenevieve Nixon, both believe that with the right regulations and planning, athletes will be safe. 

“I think, yes, it’ll be, considering regulations, it will be safe,” said Rocha. 

Many events and scheduled days have been delayed because of the pandemic. 

Nixon said,  “I am very hopeful, as long as we are continuing to keep a safe mindset in mind.”

Senior, Melissa Alcantar, from tennis, a non-contact sport, feels safe returning with her team. However, she is still concerned about the process. 

“I’m kinda nervous, just because I don’t really know how things are going to go because we’re all new to this,” said Alcantar. 

Some athletes will not be returning due to their own personal concerns and circumstances.

Junior, Samuel Lung, who plays football and sophomore, volleyball player, Liliana Cruz, both in contact sports, do not feel safe returning with other players.

“I will not be playing because I have my grandparents to think about, I don’t want to catch something that’ll affect them,” said Lung.

For Cruz, it’s more about wearing a mask.

“We’re not going to be playing the same as before and we’re going to have to wear a mask and that’s going to be hard to control our breathing,” said Cruz.

Overall, many involved in sports anticipate that this new system of conditioning will effect the playing season. The safety requirements are a new normal for players to get used to and could change the way they perform. 

It is going to be a slow process for the conditioning stage to move forward. 

“It’s really frustrating not having answers. Our hands are tied on many things and it is what it is, I guess,” added Treen.