An Almost Unwatchable Presidential Debate leaves Viewers Saddened


Photo Courtesy of CNN Philippines

President Trump and former Vice President swap comments during the first presidential debate on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

Alexa Rendon and Julian Bravo

“Toxic, A Mess, Chaotic, Unwatchable, Humiliating.”

These were some of many words used in the Grizzly Gazette newsroom, to describe the first presidential debate between candidates, Donald Trump and Joseph Biden. 

The horrific debate between the candidates took place Tuesday, September 29, in Cleveland, Ohio. President Trump and Former Vice President Biden both voiced their perspective on six main issues that were questioned by moderator Christopher Wallace. The six main issues consisted of: Supreme Court Justice nominations, COVID-19, the economy, race and unrest in the U.S., candidate records, and integrity. 

Presidential debates total 90 minutes and each section is 15 minutes where the candidates are allowed to speak for two minutes at a time, and have an open discussion at the end of each issue.

Biden’s frustrated ”Would you shut up, man”  was just a small insight into how the debate continued for the entire night. 

We couldn’t agree more with the snarky remarks made towards Trump. 

Monique Statler, speech and debate teacher at Godinez Fundamental High School, stated how disappointed she was that undecided voters did not receive information they would have liked to obtain. 

“Neither candidate gave much information that was important,” said Statler. 

Throughout the debate, President Trump continuously stated how he is a much better president than Biden will ever be, if he is elected. 

Trump states, “I’ve done more in, in 47 months, I’ve done more than you’ve done in 47 years, Joe.” 

But constant interruptions and minor insults led to losing debate time for both candidates. 

The Washington Post reported that, “Trump was responsible for more than three-fourths of them (interruptions): 71, compared with Biden’s 22.” 

With plenty of interruptions and unpresidential behavior by President Trump, we were still able to gather information that candidates shared for the following issues:

Supreme Court Justice

The first thing discussed, was the candidates views on the newly nominated Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett. Biden states that the replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be decided when the next president is in office. Trump states he deserves to nominate and elect whom he chooses due to winning the last election. 


Wallace asked each candidate why WE the people should trust them with ongoing pandemic if elected. Biden mentions the 200 million people affected while under Trump’s control. Trump mentioned there will be a vaccine soon and claims about no negative effects with large groups at rallies he hosted. 

The Economy

Trump infers that he brought back football and points out the rumored scandal of Biden’s sons between Russia. Biden remarks the economy shut down and how Trump paid in 2016 only $750 in federal income taxes.

Race and Unrest

Biden said how it’s all about equity, equality, decency, and constitution. Trump continues by mentioning how he’s created positive change for black communities. 

Candidate Records 

Trump mentions the good things he has done so far in his four years in office. For example, he stated he fixed the Veterans Affair, rebuilt the military, appointed 300 federal judges after Obama left him to fill 128 openings. Biden afterwards mentions Trump’s bad qualities as president with, “never keeps his word“ and “under this president we become weaker, sicker. poorer, more dividing and more violent.”

Election Integrity

This last section was for each candidate to discuss the importance of voting and voting correctly. Trump started off by saying that he doesn’t agree with mail in ballots due to fraud. Biden on the other hand, stared into the camera and mentioned that everyone should vote unless people want “four more years of Trump’s lies.”

After the debate, ironically, the President spoke too soon when discussing COVID-19 at his rallies. 

Trump said, “We had no negative, no negative effect. We’ve had no negative effect, and we’ve had, 35,000, 40,000, people at some of these rallies.” 

Both he and the First Lady, tested positive for COVID-19 four days after the debate.

We hope to see improvements on how candidates behave towards each other, for the upcoming debates on October 15 and 22, before the final decision on Election Day, November 3rd.