Quarantine Cancels the End of Senior Year


Yoloczitlali Perez

A scene from Godinez Fundamental High School’s 2018 prom. This year’s prom has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 threat.

Ashley Ortega, Editor-in-Chief

My prom dress is the color of baby blue with pretty embroidered flowers that covers the top then fades as you reached the bottom of the dress. I saw it at the store and immediately fell in love, so I bought it.

I never thought that I’d be left to stare at it longingly and wonder when I’d even get to wear the dress.

Marco Morales
Editor-in-Chief Ashley Ortega smiles for her staff photo at the beginning of her senior year.

Going into a new year, the class of 2020 was ready to celebrate the end of the year and the senior activities that come with it. What we did not expect was how those plans imploded. 

The COVID-19 pandemic really took a turn in March when more and more states in the U.S. began to report cases. I personally didn’t take the virus seriously, at first, but once sports seasons, theme parks, and movie premieres began to cancel or close, I knew the virus was escalating. When schools closed on March 13th,  I knew the coronavirus was not to be taken lightly. 

Godinez Fundamental High School, along with all of Santa Ana Unified School District, closed until April 13th. Then the date was pushed to May 1st and finally Governor Gavin Newsom declared that schools would remain closed the rest of the school year.

This meant that all of the fun, end of the year activities were not going to happen. This includes: Sadie’s, senior signing day, prom, grad-nite at Disneyland, yearbook luncheon, and of course, graduation. 

With school canceled, seniors know that they won’t experience the best part of senior year.

Senior, Celia Jimenez is one frustrated senior.

“I don’t feel sad or happy, just confused at how everything is being taken away from us, our time together, and senior activities,” said Jimenez.

Because we don’t have any confirmation on whether our senior activities are postponed or cancelled, we as a class are all left mourning events like prom and graduation. 

Senior, Damian Lizardi was looking forward to his prom.

“As a senior, it’s almost like a cultural right of passage for every graduating class since it (prom) brings everyone together,” said Lizardi.

Ultimately, not having the chance to experience once in a lifetime activities like prom, made Lizardi feel the weight of the world’s current situation much more deeply.

For senior Jessica Acosta, she looks forward to the senior only Powderpuff game.

“Most of my friends were also going to be part of the game, so it would’ve been a memorable experience that I was going to keep with me forever,” said Acosta.

What could help the senior class is to announce either new dates for senior activities or to just let us know that they are cancelled. Both Acosta and Lizardi would like to see events rescheduled. 

For senior Cristobal Quezada, he believes the year is already over, so our school should keep all events cancelled.

Quezada was looking forward to graduating the most.

“I’ve seen all my siblings walk and I wanted to do it too, but I guess I can’t,” said Quezada.

Because the year is almost over, the question about refunds for all the activities has been raised. If senior activities don’t happen, seniors who paid over $300 for the senior package want their money back, minus the yearbook, and other events that already occurred.

So now we wait to hear what administration will do concerning refunds.  

As a graduating senior, I would like to see a week, when the quarantine is lifted, dedicated to us. I’d most like to see prom and Disneyland Grad-nite happen because I feel these events are a right of passage. The week should end with our graduation ceremony. 

Not only would it help us say goodbye to this chapter of our lives, but it allows families to see their graduates receive a diploma. Especially for Grizzlies, like myself, who are the first generation to graduate from high school and go on to college. 

So as my blue dress sits in my closet and my final year of high school passes me by, I’m left to question if I will ever get to experience the right ending to this chapter of my life.

Or will I just have to let it go and move on.

Part of me though, is still clinging to the hope that I will get to wear my blue dress at prom, soon.