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English teacher Tessa Heaney holds up her message of encouragement for students that was added to a video Grizzly News Network produced.

Teacher’s Perspective Changes about Online Learning

April 6, 2020

English Teacher Tessa Heaney, knows this was something unexpected, but believes that her students are fortunate enough that they’re familiar with online platforms such as: Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Zoom.

Heaney’s coped with the new changes, but “it’s been a bit overwhelming,” said Heaney. 

“I don’t think it’s anything we can fix because nationwide, all schools are behind.  However, I do miss the social interaction with my students, so I hope Zoom and Meet with help fill that void,” added Heaney.

She knows that it is challenging for students who don’t have the resources at home such as a quiet area to study or internet access.

On the last day her students were on campus, Heaney’s first move was to let her AP classes know that she was going to post an announcement each day at 10 a.m., on Google Classroom. 

Heaney said that she started looking through her plans and tried to figure out something reasonable for her students to do at home during the school closure. 

“Although life comes first, globally and historically the value of an education is a close second,” said Heaney.

In other words, she encourages students to do the work, however, if for any reason, students cannot complete the work, it will not be held against them. It is just an opportunity for them to continue to study and raise their grade at home.  

Heaney wants her students to do some self-care activities during this difficult time which include: meditation, taking breaks, yoga, reading, learning a new skill, and to be kind to one another including yourself.

Heaney continues to cope with this new change, but in the meantime, she meets weekly to check in with her English classes on Zoom. 

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