An Injury Did Not Stop His Passion for the Game

Angel Manzo, in number two jersey, keeps his eye on the ball against Los Amigos High School during Manzo’s sophomore year.

Photo courtesy of Alex Mendoza

Angel Manzo, in number two jersey, keeps his eye on the ball against Los Amigos High School during Manzo’s sophomore year.

Jonathan Uriostegui, Staff Writer

Angel Manzo, who is the starter libero, for Godinez boys varsity volleyball team, plays his heart out one last year in the hope that he can continue playing college or for a volleyball academy next year. 

Manzo first started playing volleyball at Willard Middle School and grew passionate about the sport. By the time he got high school, he knew he wanted to try out for the volleyball team. 

School is not the only place Manzo practices volleyball. Outside of school he goes for runs, goes to the gym, and if he has someone to take him, goes to the beach to practice as much as possible. 

During a football game against Martin Luther King High School junior year, he broke his collarbone. This led him to be out of athletics for months and was heartbroken because he was not sure if he would be clear for volleyball season. 

“While I was recovering I decided to not do football my senior year so I could just focus on volleyball,” Manzo said. “The main reason I joined football was that I had some of my closest friends playing and I wanted to play alongside them.”

Manzo was out for the rest of the football season because of his injury. While he was injured he decided he wanted to leave football do he can mainly focus on volleyball.

“It was very hard for me coming back from my injury,”. Manzo said. “During volleyball season, I had to adjust to my arm and I was not where (physically) I wanted to be.”

Captain of the volleyball team Brian Meza likes that Manzo is not afraid to talk and communicates with his teammates. “He brings energy and knows how to uplift people’s spirits,” said Meza.

Manzo’s mom is a single mother who raised Manzo and his two brothers. She supports him even though she can’t make it to most of his games because of her work schedule. Manzo understands that she has to work but saw that while he was injured, “my mom took care of me and made sure I had a quick recovery,“ said Manzo. 

Manzo does not know his father but he still wishes the best for him and hopes to one day meet him.

For the upcoming volleyball season, Manzo wants to do well, make it to CIF and for himself, receive athletic scholarships so he can continue playing the sport that he loves.