Everybody Has a Story: Lizeth Fuentes Ramirez


Wendy Rodriguez

Lizeth Fuentes Ramirez smiles after her game against Garden Grove on Thurs., January 23, 2020. This photo was taken at Centennial Park soccer field at 4:34 p.m.

Wendy Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Being on the JV soccer team, AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination), Key Club, and ASB Senate (Associated Student Body) makes sophomore, Lizeth Fuentes Ramirez, pretty busy.

Fuentes started playing soccer at the age of 11. On Godinez Fundamental High School’s girls junior varsity soccer team, Fuentes plays center midfielder. 

“I hated soccer, but after seeing my little brother play, it got my attention,” said Fuentes. 

Fuentes’ life hasn’t been easy. She lives with five people in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. She shares the bedroom with her brother and sister while her parents sleep in the living room. As the oldest in her family, she’s seen her parents struggle to pay rent for the cramped quarters. 

In elementary school, she was held back a grade because she was transferred to Santiago Elementary School in the Santa Ana Unified School District towards the end of fourth grade. It disappointed her because she thought it was unfair but she was told she had missed learning material from her old school.

As an athlete herself, she likes to stay focused by listening to pop music during her warmup. Harry Styles is her favorite artist. Her warmup includes: stretching for 15 minutes, practicing her passes and shots, and scrimmaging with teammates. 

Fuentes’ JV coach, Patricia Pintor, who is a Godinez alumna, class of 2014, said, “Lizeth is one of the most hardworking players.” 

Pintor believes that Fuentes is a leader on and off the field and is prepared for every game and practice. She motivates her teammates to keep playing no matter what the score is.  

“Since I’m the oldest in my family, I’ve never experienced what it is to get advice from someone,” said Fuentes. 

AVID teacher, Lisa Morgan, has inspired her because she takes time to get to know all her students and she finds a way to have everyone participate making it a fun learning experience. Fuentes currently has a GPA of 3.4. 

“Lizeth is very hardworking. She has a quiet demeanor and she’s always ready to help students around her,” said Morgan.

According to Fuentes, her parents support her the most. “My mom attends all my games and my dad tries to be at my games but struggles because he works,” said Fuentes. Her dad currently works at a restaurant as a waiter. 

Fuentes’s mother, Hetzabel Fuentes, said that she feels very proud of her daughter because she always meets the challenges that she sets for herself.  

Translated from Spanish, Fuentes said, “I wish her the best successes in her life. She is a winner and I will always be by her side to support her and be her friend.” 

During pre-season, a highlight for Fuentes was scoring a goal against competitive school Oxford Academy.

Godinez’s overall team score for this season is 7-9-1. 

So far throughout her high school journey, Fuentes has most enjoyed making new friendships. In her free time, she likes to read, spend time with her family, and play soccer.

“I’m thankful for my family and friends that have supported me in every way possible. Considering I had a rocky road, my high school experience is turning out to be better than I expected,” said Fuentes.  

Fuentes does not plan to play soccer in college because she wants to dedicate her time to her education. She dreams of attending UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) to become an elementary school teacher.