Back from Injury Soccer Player Kicks Off The Season with High Hopes


Jose Serrano

Senior Forward, Gustavo Adame, after beating Segerstrom 3-0 in the rivalry game

Jose Serrano, Staff Writer

When he faced a season long injury that put him out his junior year of soccer, Gustavo Adame lost faith in himself. 

Senior forward, Adame began to play soccer when he was just four-years-old and instantly fell in love with the sport. He described how his dad put him on a team at about four years old. Both his parents would go every weekend to his games. Adame said “I really liked it, I’m competitive and soccer is really competitive and I knew I could do good in this sport so I stuck with this sport. All I would do was talk about soccer, even when I wasn’t playing I was watching soccer. This is what really kept me entertained, nothing else really kept me entertained. ” 

Adame had been on the soccer team since freshman year and made varsity his junior year. Junior year was set to be Adame’s breakout year in soccer but an injury in which he tore his ACL left him on the bench for the whole season. Adame got injured during a Thanksgiving break scrimmage. The moment that the injury happened, Adame said “I had lost my train of thought, it happened so quick. One second I was doing good the other second I was on the ground, crying, in pain, not able to walk, it wasn’t a good feeling because I already knew something was wrong with my knee cause I couldn’t bend it or anything, it just hurt.” 

Adame had to go through months of physical therapy, but also had to keep focus in order to step foot on a pitch once again. It was a hard and long recovery for Adame, both physically and mentally. He had lost himself once the injury occurred because it stopped him from thriving that year and made him lose all motivation to play soccer. It was a nine month recovery for Adame and his mother who was the one who encouraged him to get his ambition back on. 

“I would do physical therapy at least 3 or 4 times a week, and I would just run to get my stamina back, and do little drills at home by myself, just touching the ball, dribbling with the ball, juggling the ball, hitting the ball against the wall just to get my touch better and not lose my game.”Adame said.

The injury did not stop Adame from playing soccer, but rather made him stronger as a player. He stayed motivated and made him feel more powerful. He advises other people that go through the same injury as him to stay determined, focused and just keep grinding. He stayed inspired, even through the times where he would degrade himself and thought that he would never be able to play again. 

In a scrimmage match against Mater Dei High School, Adame finally played his first game back from injury. He didn’t want to think about how he tore his ACL but just give it his all in the game and ball out. “Once I got onto the pitch, I couldn’t hold it, I was just smiling, it felt unreal. I was trying to give it my all every second and my emotions really built up, it just made me extremely happy,” said Adame.

Adame, alongside his team, are a little passed midway through the season where they hold a record of 12 wins, 1 loss and 3 ties. They are currently leaders of the Golden West League as they hold the best record, and third in the Division 2 standings.

Emily Lopez
Gustavo Adame (white) battles for the ball against a Garden Grove defender in a league match.

Coach Ruben Fernandez, described how Adame put in the work every practice and every game since his injury and had to work very hard to come back onto the field again. Fernandez added that “he’s been a great asset for the team, he was a leader off the field, very supportive, present at practices and games. I’m very happy for him that he’s back, very happy to have him on the team, he’s one of the captains, one of the leaders, his contribution to the team has been very good.”

One of the captains of the soccer team, senior David Jimenez said, “Playing alongside Adame is really fun, he brings energy to the team and picks them up. He gets us lots of opportunities on the pitch, creating chances for the team and for himself in the final third. He has great spirit, is a voice in the team and screams at the team, pushing them in the game and gives us good opportunities in the game.”

Before every game, he just tries to get in his zone, does drills, and find a good rhythm before he steps foot on the field. Adame keeps his motivation high and once he’s in the game, he leads his team and aims to win.

Adame has high expectations for himself and the team as he hopes to finish off the season strong, win the league and go far in CIF.  

Update: Boys Varsity are Golden West League Champions and CIF-SS D2 Semi-Finalist. But they lost during the 2nd round of CIF playoffs, 2-1 against JSerra Catholic High School.