Passion for Softball has Taken this Pitcher Far


Sam Trejo

Craig on the turf at softball practice.

Sam Trejo, Staff Writer

Senior, Grace Craig, may be an unfamiliar name to many students on campus. However, Craig’s undeniable talent on the softball field makes up for her recent arrival at Godinez Fundamental High School this year. 

The transfer from her previous school, Calvary Chapel High School, was a rough transition for Craig. She was homeschooled until her senior year at Calvary where she participated in their sports and drama programs. 

Her previous homeschooled years were a routine that was shaken by different experiences due to her new school. She used to have classes once a week which varied from working online, smaller classroom settings, and working with her parents.

Craig’s only knew of Godinez when she played against them her freshman year and hit a home run for the first time. Although she did not win the match, Godinez stood out to her. 

Grace Craig, pitcher, posing in her Calvary Chapel High School uniform from junior year.

She decided to attend Godinez for softball in order to receive better training and preparation for college. Craig likes the change.  She said, “every day is the same.”

Craig doesn’t start school till 10 a.m. With first and second periods free, this allows Craig to finish her homework in the morning since practice takes up a big chunk of her day. 

All of her siblings are in softball or baseball. Her younger sister plays pitcher, the same position as her. Both able to help each other get better in softball. Her older brother and younger brother both play baseball as well. 

She started playing baseball when she was 8 years old and hated it. However, by nine, she began to play softball and fell in love with it. At times, she feels like she does not want to practice but when she is on the field she feels like herself.

“She is my partner for throwing and is very nice. She picks up the team with her positive attitude which I love because we  work very closely due to our positions,” said fellow teammate, catcher, JaeLyn Sandoval-Rios. 

Craig is also on a club team out of school which practices for about four hours on the weekends. She also has private training for hitting and pitching. She goes at 8:30 p.m. to her private practice which affects her time for academics.

The furthest she has traveled to play a game is Arizona. She has also gone to Nevada but this summer, her team will go to New Jersey and Idaho which she is looking forward to because it will be her first time on a plane.

Her parents are very involved in softball. One of her parents attends her games because all of their children are in sports, so it is tough to be at all of their games.

Her worst injury occurred last year, junior year, when she felt pain in her back during cross country season. Both pars, a part of the vertebrae, were fractured around her L5 vertebrae. Her L5 was pushed forward and she had to stop her sports and dancing immediately. In three and a half months she was able to come back through physical therapy and no use of surgery. “In the end, I came back and God healed me,” said Craig. She still has to be careful to support her back.

Due to her injury, she missed out on her basketball season in order to not get burned out of softball. The last time she played basketball was the summer of her junior year. Her coach did not recommend her playing due to her injury and the contact involved in the sport. 

She still does dance about two days per week and has been dancing for ten years and is continuing in ballet contemporary. 

Craig is committed to Hope International University in Fullerton, California and will be attending this fall. She received an athletic scholarship for softball which is division one, and the school is ranked number eleven for softball. Her older brother is currently attending the same school for his skills in baseball.