Cheater Cheater Series Stealer


Bryant Martinez

Staff writers Erick Pompa (Left), and Brandon Reyes (Right) show how they feel about the Houston Astros World Series win.

Brandon Reyes and Erick Pompa

Cheaters never prosper, unless you’re the Houston Astros, who still have the ring they stole from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Dodgers were robbed. During the 2017 World Series, the Houston Astros sign stole their way to a World Series Championship. The Astros decoded different hand signs used by their pitchers and batters. They used cameras to decode hand signals and let the batters know what pitches were to come by banging on a trash can. The use of cameras for sign stealing is illegal, not only giving the team from Houston a major advantage but a World Series title.

When the Astros were caught using the camera system to steal signs, general manager Jeff Lunhow and manager AJ Hinch were fired after being suspended by the Major League Baseball organization. The MLB also later placed a ban on assistant general manager, Brandon Taubman from working on any MLB team for the 2020 season. Finally, the Astros’ 1st and 2nd round picks for the 2020 and 2021 drafts were taken away along with $5 million.Physics teacher, John Proctor, is not happy.

Proctor said, “It’s a shame they had to resort to cheating, the game should have been decided on the field and not with a trash can.” 

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Statistics showing the disproportion of playing level for the Astros at home instead of away.

The Astros cheated using their cameras only at their home stadium in Houston and were confirmed using them at the start of the 2017 season and there’s no saying the Astros did not just use it in the World Series but throughout the entire season leading many to believe the Astros deserve a harsher punishment.

Recently, the Los Angeles City Council decided to take matters into their own hands and ask the MLB to not only strip the Astros of their title but award the Dodgers the 2017 World Series.

“They (MLB) could have handled it a lot better,” said broadcast manager and lifelong Dodger’s fan, Samantha Tapia.

We believe that it is unfair how the Astros not only cheated the Dodgers out of a World Series win but how the team cheated so many other teams during the entire 2017 season. It’s not fair for only the Dodgers to be awarded. The Boston Red Sox lost to the Astros in the American League Playoffs.

But there is no doubt the Dodgers were a much better team than the Astros, at least in integrity.

We demand a parade.

The Dodgers have not won a World Series since 1988 and this should have been their return to the top.

The Astros cheated and despite their apologies, we don’t see any of them returning their 101 diamond-adorned championship rings.

The Dodgers deserve to celebrate their loss as if it were a win because they earned it.