Boy’s Basketball: Isaiah Tapia

February 18, 2020

Isaiah Tapia #15, focused on defense.

Roman Arcos

Isaiah Tapia #15, focused on defense.

With a strong start to the 2019-2020 basketball season, Senior, Isaiah Tapia is ready to face challenges. 

“The moment you give up is the moment when you let someone else win”

Isaiah Tapia has always worked hard to improve every day. He is a 2nd year Varsity player, and Athlete of the Month for the first time, this January. A typical day in the season for Isaiah is like any other, to prepare he listens to his music and stays locked and ready to play. Tapia chose basketball as it was a lot of fun and his teammates create an enjoyable environment where he feels at home.

“My mom is very supportive of the sport, she comes to al my games along with my little sister.”

— Isaiah Tapia

While on the court Tapia’s only focus is to keep his teammates focused and active.

When asked what major drawbacks he’s faced, Tapia stated, “our season is going on a great track, however we face a lot of challenges on our way, and we all just need to focus and fix the couple bumpy roads ahead, as a team we can fix all our problems”.

As a past team player, Isaiah is no rookie when it comes to being a team player, through every bump in the road he alongside his teammates fix issues and stay on track.

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