How Much are you Willing to Pay for that Sweatshirt?

How Much are you Willing to Pay for that Sweatshirt?

Ivan Montano and Ivan Ortiz

Prices have skyrocketed in recent years when it comes to fashion streetwear. Many kinds of hoodies have increased massively in value due to resell prices. Just an example, if you wanted a Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie, it will run you back about $6-7 thousand. 

These extortionate prices have largely been due to social media and celebrity influence. This has pushed the idea of spending thousands of dollars on streetwear clothing.

These trends have become so widespread that the brands have become largely well-known among high schoolers. Some of the most well-known streetwear brands are: Supreme, Bape, Gucci, Yeezy,  Louis Vuitton, and CDG.

We decided to ask around Godinez to see how much students would be willing to pay for that bougie sweatshirt.

Senior, Andrew Robinson said, ”I know that these hoodies are worth a lot so I think like around $3000 maybe. Even though I’ve never bought a hoodie at this price, I have bought shoes, so I know.”

One of the reasons that these sweatshirts sell for that high of a price are due to brands collaborating with each other. These items become increasingly rare due to limited supply and high demand. Some examples of this are the LV x Supreme hoodie,  Travis Scott Cereal Box, and Supreme x CDG shirts. 

One of the most popular items in the resale market are shoes. Shoes are some of the most in demand items. For example, one of the most coveted pair of shoes is the Nike Mag Back to The Future 2016 which averages a selling price of $26,000. 


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Nike Mag “Back to the Future”

Many expensive shoes have made their way into mainstream fashion. Some of these include: Nike Air Forces, Adidas Ultraboosts, and Yeezys. These types of shoes have become very common among high schoolers and young people.

Senior, Jose Luis Casian, stated how he began purchasing these types of expensive clothing about a year ago. He began collecting the different materials from shoes to shirts and sweatshirts. “I became interested in the different types of styles that the clothing brands came up with which had initially grabbed my attention,” said Casian.

This growing resell market has led a lot of people to join the growing market. There are many people who wait in lines.

For senior, Evelyn Rodriguez, she said, “I have heard of these hoodies before and I know that they are expensive, but in my opinion I don’t believe that they are worth the price.”