Girl’s Wrestling: Samantha Pina

February 13, 2020

Senior, Samantha Pina recognized for athlete of the month

Courtesy of Godinez Athletics

Senior, Samantha Pina recognized for athlete of the month

Samantha Pina has been wrestling since her sophomore year, inspired by her uncle and the support of her brother since he also joined the program. Pina realized she wouldn’t be alone and decided to join the contact sport. Pina’s sports career has always been a challenge for her, but she always pushed through and kept watch on her weight. Pina said, “I had to minimize the amount of junk food I ate and overall just eat cleaner.” Managing a diet is a lot harder to do alone, but her family, however, helped her eat healthier. 

As the years passed and the more progressive she had become her highlight of the sport was being able to wrestle at CIF her junior year. However, her lowest was missing out on tournaments because of her injury which was a hyperextension of her elbow she had sustained. 

Although she plans on going to college Pina is still not sure if she’s going to play the sport in college because it all depends on what college she attends, but she does know that she wants to continue spending her time in combat sports after high school. 

Samantha Pina wrestling a member of Hillcrest high school wrestling at Rowland.

Her whole family is really supportive and proud that in itself helps her a lot. They help her with anything that has to do with the sport. There have been times where Pina wishes she didn’t have to go to practice that day from being burnt out and constantly practicing. Pina is dedicated and passionate when it comes to wrestling. 

Her coaches are also of utmost pride and ecstatic for her growth in the sport. Coach Corona said, “Sam has shown great commitment throughout the winter break and is working hard improving her skills.” Pina wants to thank all the coaching staff and teammates because they have helped her become the wrestler that she is. 


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