Girl’s Water-Polo: Idaly Ramirez

February 12, 2020


Courtesy of Godinez Athletics

Junior Varsity Water Polo Captain, Idaly Ramirez has earned her spot as one of January’s Athletes of the month.

Junior, Idaly Ramirez, juggles work both in and outside of the field, as the year is coming to a start she and her teammates are ready to make a splash this upcoming season. As the year is coming back into session, Ramirez states that with her AP class, water polo and her Football management activities time is really a crunch in her everyday life. After school, she focuses on working on homework for her many classes, creating as much time for her classes as she can before her practice session at Valley High school.  “Usually after school, I help out Jason with the football team, then do homework and when practice comes to a start walk straight to Valley”.

Juggling all these tasks whilst in the middle of a competitive sport is not the easiest thing to do, from a long practice day from 5 to 7/8 P.M, Ramiez has left the rest of her night to help out her family during dinner time and also leave time for her leftover classwork. 

“I have a goal every game, before the match, I mentally prepare myself and watch the Varsity game in order to create a strategy which will help me create a better outcome of our game””

— Idaly Rameriez

Italy’s mentality before every game revolves around her will to win and push her teammates further even through the toughest of times.

At first, Ramiez’s family did not clearly agree with her joining Water-polo, due to her practice times taking place so late in the evening and having to pick her up during the nighttime, as well as the countless injuries to come from her many games. “They saw it as a tough sport and wanted me to drop out, however, I convinced them and they saw my dedication, and so they started to watch my games”.

Ramiez does not seem to have outside of school league in water-polo, however, she believes that if her skill and speed were to increase she would consider it as an outside sport for her to do in her own time. To Idaly, Waterpolo is her second family, ever since her start freshman year she has fully grown to become one of the best players in the water, her enthusiastic characteristics and demeanor has truly allowed her to create friendships with the many other girls she leads.

Ramiez’s warm-ups consist of team stretches and solo sessions between each player, after this they practice their aim and coordination in the water before the game.

The off-season for Ramiez is an open door for team improvement, her alongside her teammates often eat out and hang out during the off-season in order to improve team coordination and cooperation.

When asked what is it like working alongside your captain, water polo player Maryah Alvarado stated, “When I work with Idaly I see so much potential in her because she has motivated and pushed us through tough times, like the time we didn’t really have a coach to train us but she offered to help us by guiding us with so many questions that came to the sport that we didn’t really know about because most of us it was our first year”.  

“She pushes our team further because she says that even if we lose a game we at least tried our best to get where we want to and it’s true because our closest game was almost like a win for us even though we had lost by a point”, Maryah Alvarado said. She helps us differently because there are many steps and rules to Waterpolo which some may be very hard to accomplish but pushes us so we can be our best during a game or even at practice, it doesn’t matter if we’re the fastest swimmer what matters is the amount of strength we put in a game and practice

Even if we complain there is always a happy ending to look forward to

“Idaly has always stepped up to lead her team at all times and willingly helps everyone out with all their questions.  She is always eager to learn at practice and also asks to practice with Varsity every now and then. She has definitely shown servant leadership and great sportsmanship as she continues to prove she is a great asset to the team, “ said Coach Cruz

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