Last-Minute Cheap and Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

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Holiday retails sales in 2018 surpassed 1 trillion dollars, according to, making Christmas one of the biggest, most expensive holiday in America. This year, Christmas falls on Thursday, December 25, and stores are ready to sell out their inventory for festive Americans.

Ana Moreno , Staff Writer

It’s the holiday season: the busiest, yet most enjoyable one of all. A lot of people go out of their way this time of year to get their loved ones special, meaningful gifts, but for the majority, everything is last minute and let’s face it, we’re broke. A Christmas tradition is gift-giving and we all have a price to pay. Literally. The plethora of secret Santas we participate in, family gifts, and even hauls for ourselves, the spending never seems to end. Luckily, here’s a list of sweet deals and possible gift ideas that fit a small budget (under $25) for anyone you need to give to when money is tight. 


LED Lights

Selling at $20, these Amazon MINGER LED Strip Lights make the perfect way to light up any room. The kit comes with a remote that features 16 different colors for your lights, 5 meters worth of strip, and a power adapter. You can never go wrong with this trendy decoration. 


Airpod Cases 

If you know someone who owns a pair of Apple Airpods, why not get them a nice case? Only for $9, you can purchase 2 Airpod Cases, the color of your choice. Let’s have protected earbuds this season. 


Lip Gloss & Makeup 

Originally retailing at $25, Sephora is a set of four Too Faced limited-edition lip glosses for $15 for the holidays. With flavors ranging from peppermint to egg nog, this is a deal one does not want to miss out on. This is one of the many deals Sephora offers, visit any store and search for the cheaper gifts section (usually located by the cash register) for more. 


Perfumes & Fragrances

A person always remembers a scent, making this an ideal gift for anyone in mind. A fresh smell of florals and citrus is pleasant for everyday wear. This Gingham Mini Gift Box seat that includes a mist, shower gel, and body cream is sold at $18 at Bath & Body Works. 


Fuzzy Socks

Warm-up this chilly season with Christmas fuzzy socks from as low as $3, to packs of two pairs for $7 at Target; choose any design to your liking with the assortment of socks provided. 


Movie Tickets

It’s always great to receive free things, especially movie tickets. Give others the gift of watching new releases such as Frozen 2, Jumanji, or Black Christmas for tickets as low as $14 at your local AMC theatre. 


Portable Chargers 

A little on the pricier side, but this portable charger for $20 on Amazon is the present everyone needs. Christmas calls for travels and an outlet is not always near, keep your phone charged and ready for more holiday cheer. It’s great to be connected with our loved ones in any possible way.


Candies & Chocolates

Sugary treats always make for great stocking stuffers or make a gift more complete. Purchase any box of chocolate and/or candy for as low as $1 from any store nearby. A basket filled with cavity makers are a great way to make someone happy.


Gift Cards

The last resolution is to buy a gift card for a present. Gift cards are sold at many retail stores, pharmacies, USPS post offices, or online. Put any amount of money and wrap it up cutely for a memorable present. 


If all else fails, money is the fastest and easiest way to go. Let’s spend a great Christmas this 2019 Grizzlies.