School Shootings should not be the Norm


Yesenia Zavala

Senior Bianca Rangel in front of the Welcome sign near the front office.

Bianca Rangel, Guest

Pop! I froze. It took one single noise for me to automatically assume it was a gunshot. The firing of a gun shouldn’t be the first thought going through a seventeen-year-old’s head. 

It was a balloon pop that made my friend and I stop and look around to make sure it was not an actual gun firing. School shootings have left students scared to even walk on school grounds, like me. 

School shootings have been a constant crisis in America. It puts everyone on edge. 177 schools have experienced a school shooting in America. In the past ten years, there have been 356 victims due to school shootings. 

They happen because of someone who is mentally ill and the lack of gun control. Some will say that mental health isn’t to blame but to me, it is one of many reasons, why more mental health access should be available throughout schools in the United States. And gun control isn’t enforced enough to prevent these horrible events. 

Sandy Hook Elementary School suffered a school shooting in 2012, that killed 20 children and six staff members. This year, Sandy Hook Promise, an organization founded by people who lost loved one in the shooting, came out with a video demonstrating the fear students have due to school shootings.    

All these gunmen who have terrorized schools are making others pay a price. No student with their lives ahead of them should have their life taken away by someone who isn’t thinking at that moment. 

Nikolas Cruz, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter, suffered his mother’s death, being a loner, bullied, and faced many demons. Maybe the shooting could have been prevented if at least one person would have noticed the signs. Maybe he could have reached out for help. But whatever he went through, doesn’t add up to what he did. He was responsible for looking for help and not creating the massacre he did. 

Even if mental health access is accessible at school, students and parents should be well informed. Mental health plays a big role in someone’s well being. 

Guns are the weapons that are destroying our nation. It saddens me to see on the news that a gun is what took someone’s life. 

An individual should undergo many tests and evaluations to let someone put their hands on a weapon. Guns should be sold to mentally stable individuals who are trained to use them. Schools and teachers should not have guns on campus. If guns were allowed on my campus, I would feel unsafe because I know that a single weapon won’t protect me or anyone else. 

Organizations like the National Rifle Association should come to the realization that guns are a huge problem in the United States and it should be heavily enforced. 

And there should be more people like Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Three days after the shooting, she gave a speech directed to the people in power stating, ¨B.S.¨ to President Trump and the NRA for not ¨tightening gun laws that could prevent “the hundreds of senseless tragedies that have occurred.¨ She co-founded the gun-control advocacy group called Never Again MSD. Gonzalez is making sure she is being heard by everyone to stand up for more gun control. 

It is devastating to know that other individuals don’t think the same as Gonzalez and other gun-control activists. 

People like Kaitlin Bennett, who is a gun-rights activist, hasn’t witnessed a massacre as Gonzalez did. She received media attention when she took her AR-10 on campus to take her graduation pictures. 

She clearly doesn’t know what a gun like that has done to so many.   

School districts should enforce more security on campus. One or two security guards aren’t enough to protect the whole school. The police should visit school grounds more often, not only when an immature student gets in trouble. More security would make me feel better. 

School shootings have gotten to the point where my economics teacher and the whole classroom came up with a plan if anything of this nature happens. This used to never be mentioned in schools, but now it has to because we don’t know when someone is going to snap. 

Nobody knows who is next.